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Is that one paint chip white? If so cool. Secondly, I've only worn my wvg shirt a handful of times and one of the pearl buttons has already broke. IS there anything you guys can do about this
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger JD, wasn't addressing how people felt, was addressing how the US performed. We were in a hostile environment in Vancouver. Every Canadian, in every game rooted against us in that building, as well as in Regina. We'll get it again in Russia, and so will you guys. Re: why I thought all Canadians thought it was in the bag, leading up to the olympics, every quote from cbc and tsn was about how it was in the bag,...
Wrong thread.
My purchase cleared customs in two hours! I may have it by the end of the week or even tomorrow! Whooop!
Ah disheartening because I have $96 in credit locked up from last October when the CAD fell ten cents.. Hopefully there is some good s/s.
Some roping on the XX-SF from last year. Three washes. Sorry about the lighting camera was about to die.
My APCs and my old Grifters both have that problem. I haven't got around to fixing it yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by baconzilla Why do you expect much shrinkage when they are sanforized already? You should have just worn them straight away. You're probably right. I might have wrecked my jeans. Guys is it gonna be okay? Dude, they are pants. Who cares.
I soaked for 45 minutes in hot water.. I feel as if they didn't really shrink at all. Ima bust out the tape measure (I didn't measure pre soak) and see what they are looking like. They still feel hard as a rock and dried in an obscenely quick amount of time.. so I am not sure whats up. I feel like I may just start wearing em. edit: kinda weird that I measure jeans in inches (as well as ande) when i associate all measurements in relationship to cm.
I don't know. Probably not. I think I may just start wearing them tonight.. I don't really know the pros or cons.
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