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I'm not sure where the exorbitant shipping charge claims come from as I just placed an order and was offered two options: 31 Euro with tracking and 13 Euro without. They don't deduct VAT though, so that's something to be aware of. However, even with VAT and shipping the item was still less than in most US stores.
There are lists out there of cards that are easier to get with a less established credit history. Something like Credit Karma (free) will even give you recommendations based on your score. If there's a particular card you'd like you can also apply and, if declined, write a reconsideration letter. I did this for my first card in college -- sent them a simple letter saying that I'd like this to be my first card along with a few pay stubs and bank statements to prove that I...
It's more of a green/brown (I believe the color was "peat") than gray in person.The design is cool, but I wasn't in love with the leather when I tried it on awhile back.
No disagreement there. I have the wool variation from FW10 and would still grab this one in a heartbeat if I could track it down.
Looks similar to the washed cotton bomber from FW09 that never seems to show up for sale anywhere:
Speaking of blazers, anyone know if this one was produced this season? Curious how it looks in person.
All prices include shipping within the US. I am happy to ship worldwide, please PM me with your address for a quote. Wings + Horns Type-3 Bomber Jacket - Olive Green - Small S/S 2009. New with tags. Asking $225 shipped in the US. Measurements: Pit-to-Pit - 20" Shoulder - 17" Length - 26" Sleeve - 26" Wings + Horns L/S Plaid Western-Style Button Down - Multi - Small S/S 2009. New with tags. Red, blue, brown...
A couple books I was looking at recently on using stories in persuasion/sales: Tell to Win, Story, The Power of Story, and Unique Sales Stories. I'll probably read Tell to Win in the near future. Figured I'd post the list to see if anyone had read the above or knew of others to add.
Price drops!
New Posts  All Forums: