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The sad thing is that even if the original highs were rereleased, they'd still have the new gum sole. Granted, I haven't seen it in person, but the opaque sole looks a lot less appealing in photos than the translucent material from the last few years.
Nice find. Guitar Center has had some good used pieces recently -- actually found interesting stuff locally, including a Tele that's put the refin we had talked about on hold.
Yeah, they aren't a ton cheaper. One was going for $325 BIN recently -- was tempted to pick it up, but trying to pare down things right now.
Have you looked into the Retro-Sonic Chorus? It's supposed to be an exact clone of the CE-1, though now also discontinued (and increasing in price) due to lack of MN3002 BBD chips. They still go for a bit less than a vintage CE-1 and also run on 9-12v vs 120v.
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Picked up a BearFoot Honey Bee Overdrive to try out this weekend. Also tempted to get a clean or treble boost to play with. I've heard good things about both the Analog Man Beano Boost and Keeley Katana.
Have you tried the Wilson Ten Spot II? I'm tempted to pick one up if it's close, especially given the metal case. Used to have an original grey Japanese WH10 and it fell victim to cracked plastic around the potentiometer.
That seems reasonable. I'll have to ask around Austin -- I'm sure there's someone here that does good refinish work.
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