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Probably no need to worry... yet.(This is the sort of useful information you acquire after selling things online for ~10 years.)Also, the Illuminati.
If it was dropped off at a UPS Store (most of these are franchises) and not a UPS distro center, then it likely won't get scanned into the main system and updated with a delivery estimate until it's picked up by a driver later today. That's assuming it was sent Ground, which doesn't have pickup on Saturdays.
I'm not usually a huge fan of sunbursts, but that's definitely an exception.
Another price drop!
This is a good course on transcribing I've been working through lately (pretty sure I've recommended this site before):
I have a 20w Swart AST Pro and that thing is ridiculously loud for playing in an apartment. I rarely crank it above 2-3. Picked up their Night Light attenuator recently and it'll be interesting to see how that makes it sound at lower levels.
Pretty sure they'll come right off if you take a magic eraser to them.
Good stuff. Not the most uplifting songs by any means, but I really like the melodies he comes up with.Would have loved to see him do a solo show. HIs performance at ATP in 2005 is a good listen (playlist is reversed): the pair of speakers sitting in front of me that I've been "building" for the last 5 years.
It's worth checking out a few of his solo albums if you haven't already. You definitely get the impression, between those and RHCP's latest, that he was a huge driving force behind their songwriting.I also find Anthony's vocals and lyrics to get more annoying as time goes on, so that probably doesn't help either.
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