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I really like both the jacket and cardigan. The textures go well together and the length of the cardigan is perfect.
I hear that a shark attack will give you some seriously cool creases and fade marks.
The conversion multiplier is actually closer to 0.0083. So, an item that costs 24,740 Yen would be around $207 USD if you were buying it from a store in Japan. It will obviously cost a bit more from the US through a delivery service once you add in all of shipping and service charges. Like PG2G said, the advantage of buying from BiG is that you can return items if you order the wrong size, which (especially with items like jeans) is definitely worth the extra cost over...
I don't even think that CYC has any shawls left this season, from what it sounds like.
How do you like the SJ dry blacks? I've been debating picking up a pair in either the dry black or dry greycast.
Quote: Originally Posted by jonglover W+H black pinstripe duffel - $425 (including shipping and tax from Canada ) Jesus, where did you end up ordering it from? Not to make you feel bad or anything, but the one I ordered from Uncle Otis came out to $361.62 with shipping. It's an amazing jacket, mine just arrived the other day.
Quote: Originally Posted by ken Jeremy spokane... claaa-aaaa-aaaas todaaaaaaaay. That's soon as I read Tokyo's post Jeremy started playing in my head as well.
Kelly is the bright green color. Both LA Guy and DDML have posted pictures of it being worn in the WAYWT thread, although LA Guy has dyed his to be darker.
I bought a small navy Spiewak peacoat, but it turned out to be a bit too big on me. I figured I would see if anyone here wants it before I send it back. Measurements: Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 18" Armpit-to-Armpit: 21" Sleeve from Shoulder: 26" Sleeve from Armpit: 18.5" Top of Collar to Bottom: 34" Bottom of Collar to Bottom: 26.5" I don't have access to a digital camera right now, but some pictures of the coat can be seen on these...
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