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Quote: Originally Posted by Arethusa Whoah, Express has raw denim? Guys, raw denim is over. Time to break out the Sevens. Wait....I thought Bedazzled selvege jean shorts were going to be the next big thing? Looks like I'm going to have to make some returns....
If anyone wants to pick me up a couple of thermals, I would be more than happy to compensate.
Halfway through the project, Frank looked like he had been frosting the ol' Nantucket client-server wombat. Then, I had to sit next to some crazy guy on the bus who was apparently punishing the big screaming mambo. (and here I thought sitting next to people who talk on their cell phones was bad) The friendly men spent an enjoyable afternoon tenderizing the oboe. (quite possibly while wearing velvet jackets)
Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 Sorry I forgot to mention it was Trovata. Brain fart. This one has the red stitching as well but it is pretty much invisible due to the color of the shirt. The stitching fastens some stupid label to the inside describing some kind of murder mystery associated with the Trovata line this fall. Makes zero sense to me. The stitching and label, while I agree is very stupid, is really pretty easy to...
That's a Trovata buttondown: http://www.activeendeavors.com/produ...&pfid=AED14359
Not that this really has much to do with anything, but I found this quite strange and am still trying to figure out what happened. Yesterday, I was going to return some items from an order to Revolve. I had a couple of other errands to run, including mailing shoes back Zappos and OnlineShoes, and taking my old car battery that I just replaced to AutoZone for disposal. I loaded all the boxes into my car and (at least I thought) put the Revolve USPS bag in the front...
My belts didn't arrive yesterday, so I'm looking forward to a nice package in my mailbox when I get home! Both the henna and blue belts look absolutely awesome. I would definitely be down for a Styleforum Bedford, which I would prefer to the Norfork. Either the whipcord or herringbone would be good choices.
You should never dump oil (or any other substance containing a large percentage of fat) directly down the drain, as it can back up and clog pipes over time. It is a much better idea to pour the used oil into a ziploc bag, or any other type of disposable container, and then throw it away in the trash. This can also be done for unused fat/juice left over when pan roasting, etc. Or, if you are feeling really enterprising (and eat a ton of fried food), you could convert...
Quote: Originally Posted by cheapmutha out getting some coffee vintage schott flight jacket chateau roux "sunnys" canes nike Haha...that spot looks familiar! The leather aviator looks good, I'll have to go check out some vintage shops next time I'm back in Jacksonville.
I really like both the jacket and cardigan. The textures go well together and the length of the cardigan is perfect.
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