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Thought he usually played a LP, thought I could be totally off base on that.
I believe Reverb owns Chicago Music Exchange -- purchased a stand on there awhile back that turned out to be from CME. If I had to guess, that's likely how they initially seeded the marketplace.
I think you nailed it. The jacket always seemed a little bit "off" when worn, even despite the sizing. It's probably one of those pieces that's simply better to look at than it is to wear.
We need a tiny SF capsule re-collection... washed bomber, Himalayan jacket, and fencing shirt would be epic. I used to have the fencing jacket, but sadly that was back when Geller sizing was a bit smaller. Really needed a 48 instead of the 46.
The pictures definitely don't do the wool bomber justice. Especially the one with the button-up. That said, I'd still put the FW09 cotton version above it.
I could take some pictures of the grey one in my closet... Here's the black version (that you have I believe?):
The FW09 washed cotton bomber, by far. Both the purple-navy and black colors that Blackbird carried were excellent. I also prefer the round metal buttons on this one vs the larger toggles in more recent editions (though that waxed/coated bomber is also great).Been trying to track one down for years without any luck. I believe @nicelynice has it.Hopefully this is more than "hypothetically".
At some point earlier this year eBay opted all (I believe) sellers into the GSP if you weren't already -- I know I received an email about it. You can still opt back out, but they're definitely pushing it hard.
If it makes you feel any better, maybe this week I'll take some pictures of the two Teles sitting next to me.
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