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A Gries 12 (BF Princeton Reverb) is next on my list of amp purchases: http://www.griesamps.com/id4.html
Seven Caged Tigers is another fun one to play.
Definitely interested. Would grab both the Himalayan jacket and washed bomber if they were available again.
Thought he usually played a LP, thought I could be totally off base on that.
I believe Reverb owns Chicago Music Exchange -- purchased a stand on there awhile back that turned out to be from CME. If I had to guess, that's likely how they initially seeded the marketplace.
I think you nailed it. The jacket always seemed a little bit "off" when worn, even despite the sizing. It's probably one of those pieces that's simply better to look at than it is to wear.
We need a tiny SF capsule re-collection... washed bomber, Himalayan jacket, and fencing shirt would be epic. I used to have the fencing jacket, but sadly that was back when Geller sizing was a bit smaller. Really needed a 48 instead of the 46.
The pictures definitely don't do the wool bomber justice. Especially the one with the button-up. That said, I'd still put the FW09 cotton version above it.
I could take some pictures of the grey one in my closet... Here's the black version (that you have I believe?):
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