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That's definitely a consideration. I hadn't really looked into the differences between blackface and silverface, but the silvers are substantially cheaper and easier to find in decent condition. Though, probably the last thing I need to do right now is start a new project... BTW, how do you like the Keeley TS9? I always seem to fall out of love with distortion / overdrive pedals and end up selling them off, more so than any other pedal.
I emailed the address on Geller's site to see if anyone other than M&S stocked the bomber in khaki, but haven't heard back.
And StyleForum claims another niche.
Looked into vintage PRs a bit this weekend. Verdict: pricey.Seems like a 60's blackface goes for ~$1,600+, with those in good condition and having more original parts going up rapidly from there. Haven't heard a bad thing yet about Gries amps and will likely go that route at some point.By the way, you should definitely check out the Wilson Effects Ten Spot II when your WH10 bites the dust. Granted, I don't have my original anymore to A/B, but it's pretty damn close. And...
Oh yeah, I didn't figure the Princeton would need to be cut -- that's one of the reasons I'm interested in it. You can bypass the attenuation on the Night Light and use its line out to run two amps in stereo. More of just something that'd be fun to mess with than anything.
Yup. I have the AST Pro and I can't imagine needing more than the ~18w it puts out.It would be fun to get a Princeton Reverb and run both in stereo though the Night Light, however...
Same setup I use.
A Gries 12 (BF Princeton Reverb) is next on my list of amp purchases:
Seven Caged Tigers is another fun one to play.
Definitely interested. Would grab both the Himalayan jacket and washed bomber if they were available again.
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