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I haven't really played with a Katana much, but what drew me to the Saturn V was a clean boost that basically just gives you "more" of the tone from your amp and guitar + a little extra sparkle / harmonics that thickens things up a bit. Only had a few hours with it so far, but it sounds great clean at the lower gain settings. Exactly what I was looking for. Of course you can also crank it to push your amp into overdrive and that sounds awesome too. This is probably the...
Slow week in here. Also, the lot of you are a terrible influence.
The Saturn V sounds interesting. Just put in an order for one, now lets see if it's actually in stock or if someone just didn't update their inventory.
Appreciate it! Looks like it was already snapped up though.
Lulz. I'm pretty sure someone in NYC wants the awesome weekend project of boxing that Princeton up and mailing it to me... just saying.
If I was in NYC I would go buy that Princeton today.
That's definitely a consideration. I hadn't really looked into the differences between blackface and silverface, but the silvers are substantially cheaper and easier to find in decent condition. Though, probably the last thing I need to do right now is start a new project... BTW, how do you like the Keeley TS9? I always seem to fall out of love with distortion / overdrive pedals and end up selling them off, more so than any other pedal.
I emailed the address on Geller's site to see if anyone other than M&S stocked the bomber in khaki, but haven't heard back.
And StyleForum claims another niche.
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