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Thanks guys. THR10 it is. Though I am still on the lookout for a vintage Princeton Reverb for a non-insane price.
Thanks hendrix, that's a good point about the 10C models sounding similar. What originally drew me to the 10C was how these amps supposedly take pedals really well, so I'm interested in setting up a clean base for use with my pedalboard. Even my 18w tube amp is a bit much for apartment playing.
Thinking about picking up the THR10C. How are you liking the 10 after having it for a bit?
Ahh. Only one footswitch is a bit of a deal-breaker. It seems there really isn't a middle ground of simple looper with two footswitches and a decent number of storage slots.
The 45000? The thing that's annoying about all these new fancy loopers (45000, Pigtronix, Boomerang 3) is while already being a large box and not inexpensive, they also invariably require you to purchase an additional foot controller to have full functionality.
I always forget about the DL4's looping features. Hmm, I'll have to take a closer look. P.S. Should have tried to jump on the CL Princeton you found awhile back. Turns out that was quite the deal compared to what they've been going for on eBay recently.
I need a looper pedal in my life. Thinking of picking up the TC Electronics Ditto X2. Looked at the Boomerang and Pigtronix Infinity, but really just want something simple to practice with (and that doesn't take up half a room).
I'm a fan of the Lace Sensors in my Tele Plus, but with you on anything "death" related.
Pretty sure the 3 lower knobs on the ES-5 are for volume in replacement of a pickup selector and the knob up top is a master tone control.
I'm going to go out on a limb and guess it's one with a super-special custom, hand-wound inductor and that you might just be able to find it "on sale" if you know where to look...
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