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I always forget about the DL4's looping features. Hmm, I'll have to take a closer look. P.S. Should have tried to jump on the CL Princeton you found awhile back. Turns out that was quite the deal compared to what they've been going for on eBay recently.
I need a looper pedal in my life. Thinking of picking up the TC Electronics Ditto X2. Looked at the Boomerang and Pigtronix Infinity, but really just want something simple to practice with (and that doesn't take up half a room).
I'm a fan of the Lace Sensors in my Tele Plus, but with you on anything "death" related.
Pretty sure the 3 lower knobs on the ES-5 are for volume in replacement of a pickup selector and the knob up top is a master tone control.
I'm going to go out on a limb and guess it's one with a super-special custom, hand-wound inductor and that you might just be able to find it "on sale" if you know where to look...
Thought it'd be interesting to share our practice routines / what we're working on. I'm currently working my way through Ross Bolton's Funk Guitar book and learning Radiohead's Bodysnatchers. If you want some sweet 90's nostalgia, you should check out Ross Bolton's video on YouTube. The combination of his shirt and the backdrop is nothing short of amazing (RIP).
I'm considering returning my 48 patch bomber to Barneys. If anyone wants dibs on it, PM me and I'll let you know if I decide not to keep it.
Mine's the same way -- that threw me off at first too. When I have my amp set at low-volume, somewhere around 5-7 on the Boost knob keeps the volume comparable with the pedal engaged. Haven't verified this with anyone, but if I had to guess, I'd say it's so you can use the thickening or add extra gain and offset the volume to keep levels the same.
I haven't really played with a Katana much, but what drew me to the Saturn V was a clean boost that basically just gives you "more" of the tone from your amp and guitar + a little extra sparkle / harmonics that thickens things up a bit. Only had a few hours with it so far, but it sounds great clean at the lower gain settings. Exactly what I was looking for. Of course you can also crank it to push your amp into overdrive and that sounds awesome too. This is probably the...
Slow week in here. Also, the lot of you are a terrible influence.
New Posts  All Forums: