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Also, this suit would compliment the boots wonderfully I honestly, honestly believe these are the worst looking boots I've ever seen in my entire life.
Quote: Originally Posted by rajesh06 Is the cashmere you use 2-ply or greater? I'd like to know this, and in what world is a 44 chest a small? I guess being a 34-35 in chest makes me a small baby.
Dibs on the 28's, can you post more pics?
Quote: Originally Posted by Vaclav Thank you,for all your suggestions. I put they right away in the trees, to protect from more creasing. These are Church's (a Trad brand),and if I lose them, I will only have 2 pair of shoes left. I tried to make a repair, with some cellophane tape.Do they look, better to your eye? Maybe first I should polish the exposed parts? Polish isn't needed, they look great.
What I would do for Yardley's in a 9, sigh. Beautiful, beautiful choices.
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