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Quote: Originally Posted by Alexander Kabbaz hahaha, is that a newspaper?
Quote: Originally Posted by rssmsvc 4K ? Ouch. That is 2 Oxxford Sportcoats and a grand away from an MTM kiton.
Who do I have to kill to get those Jodphurs in a 9D?
Quote: Originally Posted by swifferman I don't have exact measurements right now but I can get them by tomorrow. Yes the jeans are quite short though. Thanks! Depending on the inseam, would you do $75?
$20 for all 3 shipped to 11967?
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Inspired, I am wearing this today. When I see saddle shoes - 1950's girl comes to mind, not prep.
Quote: Originally Posted by Andrew V. Intriguingly, J. Crew is advertising its linen shirts for this summer as now having their tailored fit. Which is hilarious because the small measures at a 40 chest. J. Crew's sizing is just fantastic.
Quote: Originally Posted by Illmatic I got offered 120 (which is pretty weird) so unless you're going to go higher than that... Denimbar has new standards for $120 brand new, with shipping included. My offer is nowhere near $120, goodluck.
How much for the apc's?
I'll take it! pm'ing now.
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