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United colors of benneton slim fit shirt Vintage Tie Vintage blazer fw 04 dolce & gabbana belt diesel yarik 708 jean
Theres nothing I want, or what I want isn't available in my size. Works in any RL store including outlets, and also works over the phone for ship sales. Asking $160 shipped.
Quote: Originally Posted by Edward Appleby Why didn't they give you full credit? Incidentally, if the sweater were crew or v rather than turtle-neck, it'd be cool in an French/APC sort of way. With the turtleneck, it's all a bit precious. It went on sale a few days ago, my luck.
I returned it to polo for $400 store credit. Shirt is gone guys.
Quote: Originally Posted by amirrorcrackd It's a beautiful sweater. Unfortunately, I doubt I could afford anything "rational." Is that white or cream in color, and are the stripes black or navy? What are the measurements and what is the composition breakup? Dan I got one offer of $60 for it, which is ridiculous, but i'm definately not asking anywhere near the retail price. It's white with navy stripe, heres measurements: Chest: 16" laid...
Tutorials, please.
Homme dior and Dolce & Gabbana are the only two I can think of that do truly low rise trousers.
Bump, make some offers.
Will this also be for outlets?
Got it as a gift, just isn't me. Check RL website for measurements, still have all the tags heres pics: Please keep the offers rational. offers will be considered. Feel free to pm me if you'd like more pics or anything.
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