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Victoria Beckham's line for rock & republic.
it's pretty funny that these geniuses spending 3k plus on a videogame machine will see the ps3 end up around 3-400 dollars before the summer hits. guaranteed.
For what it's worth, I'll buy the shirt off you. I'm having an awful time finding proper club collared shirts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jovan I really like this and the black one with white stripes on the left sleeve. Of course, I think more people would buy Thom Browne if it would attract Naomi Watts. I really like Thom Browne's aesthetic and everything but seriously. Every time that suit was on the screen; I thought I was looking at carpet padding. EEK.
Quote: Originally Posted by trogdor You could try Sacque Suit for the suit: Brooks Brothers carry RTW club-collar shirts -- I know because I've got one. It's not the best shirt in the world (fabric feels a bit too stiff, and although it's their "slim fit" model, it's still not slim enough, IMO). I can't find it on their site right now. Have you seen the nice club-collar photo at the Sartorialist? It makes me want to get...
I have a 1k budget and a wedding in two weeks, if i had anymore time at all I would've had something made but alas. My chest is around 34 inches but my arms are on the long side so most 34S / 36s's are either too big in the chest or too short in the sleeves. I live in new york so going into manhattan isn't an issue if I'll find something decent, but is 1k even going to be enough for a decent skinny suit?
I know theres a few sites that sell CM but is there anyone who sells slick?
my ae holts are "pre-worn" but after seeing the sole which was almost completely new and the shoes had no creases in them what so ever, i think i got a deal at $47 shipped.
I'll do $40 if you can't get anyone else.
Vero Cucio. The same man who makes the Barneys New York loafers / casual shoes.
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