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My girlfriend just bought me this outfit
Price guesses anyone? Leggings: $1400 Ski Mask: $900 sleepy cap: $2500 That rug thing you put around you to go with the sleepy cap: $5000 Thom Browne is the funniest designer in the world. The fact that someone on earth will actually wear that rug thing in a non-satirical way has truly made me a happier person.
Paypal sent!
I'll take the boatneck. Just pm me and let me know where to paypal.
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 Those jeans look like a great fit, but since when did R&B make a 35" inseam? 34 inch inseam lady rag and bones
BCBG mens sweater Rag&bone's with 35 inch inseam to stack them like they were diors banana republic chocolate suede ankle booty's
I sent ya a pm!
pm sent!
measurements of the levi shirt and dibs on it also.
I really want the gingham shirt. if it falls through again pm me. I can paypal right now.
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