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Forever21 mens makes H&M look like hermes in terms of quality. I seriously bought two 5 dollar vnecks and they both proceeded to shrink over four inches in length after a 10 minute wash on the warm cycle and no drying. Worst quality shit I've ever experienced.
use a tie as a belt to really give it that Astaire-esque style.
First up, size EU 8 which is about a 9 1/2 Chocolate Suede pair of Louis Vuitton loafers. From F/w 04. right before Jacobs took over, completely mint condition in every aspect at all, the heel is perfect and barely worn and the suede is still in new condition. no stains or scuffs on the heels or any shit like that. These retailed for a staggering $625, I got them as a gift and I honestly just don't wear them at all. Heel to toe is measured at about 11.3 inches -- $275...
Etro tie-dyed scarf "In a sea of black and gray overcoats, Kean Etro provides a great way to have fun with color without making a big statement (or financial commitment)." $435, Oh the irony.
$50 for the ns's? if so, pm me. I can paypal asap
h&m thrift diesel liv 89s banana republic
Quote: Originally Posted by berlin report exploring skinny sloppy tuck pant brand?
REALLY, really interested. if you could pm me actual photos of it i'd appreciate it.
I can do $75 for it. I'm not going to offer more because this exact same blazer is on the clearance racks at the A|X in the Roosevelt field mall in long island for $120, just not in my size.
Quote: Originally Posted by macuser3of5 There is a whole postmodernist feel to the whole thing, really... A lot of this stuff would be more at home in a installation/performance (which I guess would be a runway, but you know what I mean). The clothing seems secondary to the idea, overall, and the approach is so self-limiting and severe that I really can't help but look at this as more of an artistic exercise than label-building... Only Thom...
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