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Price drop to $450 shipped. Measurements and new photos posted tonight.
bump, open to offers here guys.
Cable Knit, 4ply Cashmere, made in wales. Never worn, tickets are still around if you need 'em, digital camera broke so instead of this thing collecting dust I'd rather sell it. msrp was 1635, $525 shipped to your door is all you need. Paypal accepted and preferred, local pickup in nyc or long island is even more preferred. Paypal verified since 2002 and selling stuff on here and somethingawful for the better part of the decade. It has absolutely zero flaws, the...
dibs on diors, check pm
check your pm
if the guy falls through on the jodphurs please let me know. cash in hand ready to pay asap.
size EU 8 which is about a 9 1/2 Chocolate Suede pair of Louis Vuitton loafers. From F/w 04. right before Jacobs took over, completely mint condition in every aspect at all, the heel is perfect and barely worn and the suede is still in new condition. no stains or scuffs on the heels or any shit like that. These retailed for a staggering $625, I got them as a gift and I honestly just don't wear them at all. Heel to toe is measured at about 11.3 inches -- $235 shipped, or...
Whats the fit like on these? Slimmer or more along the lines of a 501 fit?
[quote=lee_44106;959579] Quote: Originally Posted by jamesbond This Lima girl, to me, is a girl. The same look (big eye, pouty lip) that fascinates the Japanese man and his obsession with the "school-aged" girl look. Give me a WOMAN a big woman, right? Something along these lines?
Measured waist on the 27's? Pm it to me. I think my girlfriend might want them.
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