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Was considering using Indochino to produce 5 suits for a wedding party--my older brother is getting married and, because I'm the only one who knows how a suit is supposed to fit, I've been charged with this task. From reviewing the thread, seems like it's probably not the best option. Probably better off doing J. Crew ludlow suits for everyone.
Gentlemen: My brother is looking for a cheap/reasonably priced topcoat, but he's got a very athletic build large drop. He has a drop of about 11 or 12 (42-30/31). He's something like 5'8 or 5'9. He bought one from J. Crew, which, not surprisingly, does not fit him in his midsection. Can anyone recommend something for under $1000 or recommend brands he much search for bargains on? Thanks. BS
tiecrafters it is, except that i need a minimum of 4 ties for cleaning to do it!
I just picked up the jcrew seersucker suit for dirt cheap. OTR, it fits me almost perfectly, so why not? anyhow, point is i'm now having this shoe debate, too. I'm thinking the shoes picture here on top, but can't see it in my mind's eye as working... from a recent GQ--john varvatos
Even a black tie? Doesn't that thing have a tendency to make things whiter?
Folks: I have a black burberry tie that I got a tiny bit of food on and, after gently dabbing and wiping it with a damp papertowel and then attempting to press the spot dry with another paper towel, I am left with a whitish spot, apparently from the cleaning attempt. What should I do from here? I fear further attempts will make it worse...is it fatal? Regards, BS
Gentlemen, a question: I just bought a black tie from burberry and, wouldn't you know it, day one i get some bit of food on it. i do not believe it was oil, but my attempts to dampen and dab the tie have resulted in a whitish circle showing up, almost as the the black is fading in that one spot. It is irritating as hell. How do I fix this without damaging the tie permanently? Thanks in advance. BS
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 I had the same thought for a second, but if you re-read his post, it was a special "MTM event." Usually at those events retailers will waive the additional MTM charge. Precisely. I ended up buying the less expensive wool/cotton blend for $1095. I'm also getting an MTM suit for $1100.
I am a lawyer, and am aware that there would be no recourse--not too worried about cancelling, just about whether I should. I asked for the price and the guy said he didn't know, but that it'd be around off the rack prices--that that was the point of the MTM event. I just called him back and he said that the camelhair did it--that it was right up there with cashmere in terms of expense. I told him I was surprised at the cost and that I'd like him to look up similar...
No--he said he'd get me a price and said he'd submit the order anyhow. I never signed anything. It's camel hair, side vents, and otherwise nothing special.
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