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These are from the Grenson Masterpiece line. I bought these shoes brand new from chorse123 in March, but as much as I wish otherwise, they remain too long and narrow for my feet (9D US) They are marked 9E but the fit is a 9.5C US. They have a small pen mark on the right heel, which I have photographed. It is not noticeable and that a decent cobbler could probably get out. I wore them twice (really) and polished and conditioned them afterwards in shoe trees. They retailed...
The exact opposite of "how to sell a t-shirt" http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=270249772240
I'll take the Lexington in 9d. Thanks!
Does the Belvest jacket have a vent? Thanks!
Those are sweet, exactly what I'm looking for. Grow feet grow!
Jesus, that's a horrible idea. Are you serious? Are you serious?
Is this thing sold yet?
For wingtips that would suit the OP's purpose, I suggest the AE Hudson. I just got a pair for foul weather days (from Ebay) and I was surprised how nice they look in person.
+1 I'd like to know measurements at the leg opening, waistband, and knee.
I would look for items on Ebay as well. I've gotten several great deals recently on several pairs of pants (under $50) and shoes. I advise you to splurge on a pair of shoes, and you can likely find some Allen Edmonds on sale for less than $150.
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