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To the OP, how did that "casual" tuxedo shirt work out? Hopefully prettay good.
Damn, I would've taken that square and those black boots.
Another price drop. Seriously, these are a STEAL at $165.
Thanks Chorse and NOLA for the comments. I think they're sweet too, but I never got a compliment from a "chick with huge cans" either of the times I wore them, but it's nice to know that it's possible for a future purchaser. I had a question about measurements of the outsole, so I'll post it here as well for all to see: Length at longest point: 12 1/8 inches Width at widest point: 4 inches
Price drop
Sorry about the giant photos. Not an expert with intranets. These really are beautiful shoes (much better than the pictures suggest), and if someone needs additional pictures I'll be glad to give it another try.
These are from the Grenson Masterpiece line. I bought these shoes brand new from chorse123 in March, but as much as I wish otherwise, they remain too long and narrow for my feet (9D US) They are marked 9E but the fit is a 9.5C US. They have a small pen mark on the right heel, which I have photographed. It is not noticeable and that a decent cobbler could probably get out. I wore them twice (really) and polished and conditioned them afterwards in shoe trees. They retailed...
The exact opposite of "how to sell a t-shirt"
I'll take the Lexington in 9d. Thanks!
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