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Figured this was CBD enough.
Why not just get another cooler for a couple hundred bucks? Sounds like you'll need another one anyway.
Alden snuff penny for an 8.5C for $220 shipped. http://www.bensilver.com/Alden-Snuff-Suede-Penny-Loafer,9764.html
I had the '06 before and defended it in Manton's "ballsac" thread. I had the '08 recently and it was awful. Maybe it was just an off vintage but it was indefensible.Obviously wine stored in optimal conditions will age longer, for the most part. That said, this wine had been stored in a closet with cleaning supplies in a my mom's friend's house for over 10 years in a house with massive temperature fluctuations and still drank perfectly. I drank a few other bottles with her...
I hope it's better than my faux-bordeaux last night. Between the Greysac and that Rustenberg I'm going on a Bordeaux hiatus.
This one?
Last night 2007 Rustenberg John X Merriman, South African Bordeaux blend. Really tight when opened. Probably still too young and it opened up over the course of the evening but it tasted over-oaked and just not very good. Left burnt leaf finish that doesn't exist on the nose. Disappointing because it came highly recommended by a sommelier friend. Hopefully this weekend brings better juice.
+1. Hoping today....
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