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First: Grenson MasterpieceSecond: C&J Finsbury
Last Night: 2008 Renieri Rosso di Montalcino. For $11, will definitely get some more. A little deeper in color and darker fruit than most Rossos I've had. Nice little daily drinker.
Not so casual Friday. Excuse the fun socks.
Additionally, Patricia Green, Adelsheim and Bergstrom make some pretty nice pinots. Sass is very drinkable for the price. Frankly, I can't spend $50 on Oregon Pinot when you can get good Burgundy for the same price. Some people love them though.
Figured this was CBD enough.
Why not just get another cooler for a couple hundred bucks? Sounds like you'll need another one anyway.
Alden snuff penny for an 8.5C for $220 shipped.,9764.html
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