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Barbuto? Haven't heard much about it but it'd be an option for Friday night. Daniel or Le Bernadin? Both look good.
I would stop in Montalcino en route if you can. Some of the best food I ate was there and Siena. The picci bolognese at Trattoria Pozzo in Montalcino was the single best dish I had in Italy. For bistecca fiorentina, I would check out Buca dell'Orafo in Florence. We went there on a whim and it was the finest example I've had.
This past weekend I had the in-laws in town, which meant a lot of wine, mainly for me to get through it. 2009 Palama Salice Salentino 2004 Chateau Redortier Gigondas 2005 Chateau de Beaucastel 2001 Chateau Pradeaux Bandol 2009 Leitz Ein Zwei Dry Riesling Some daily drinkers mixed with some stuff that I had held for a bit. I'm going to a Loire Valley wine tasting on Thursday night and will report back.
Figured. It's the only splurge meal of the trip. Now I just have to score some resos.
Here's what I was thinking tentatively: Friday lunch: Katz's Friday dinner: Ssam Bar Saturday lunch: Gaia Saturday dinner: Le Bernadin Sunday lunch: Grimaldi's Sunday dinner: Awash (wife wants Ethiopian one night) Is Le Bernadin worth it? Any place you would go instead? Anyone know a better Ethiopian place?
Anyone had anything from Amizetta Vineyards? I'm doing a tasting with its winemaker tonight and I'm unfamiliar.
The button point would look better a bit lower but otherwise I like it.
v I've posted this before but drinking it again tonight. I love this wine. I'm stashing the '96 for a couple more years but the '95 is singing off the rip.
Fucking awesome.I've had all of these wines and you have one of my favorite Syrahs, white burgundy, and a damn fine Brunello. That 1998 is probably singing now too.
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