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Just delivered. Anniversary gift from the Mrs.
I've never posted the watch that I wear almost daily, so here it is: Not a bigtimer watch, but I have another coming on Monday that I'm excited about. Pics to follow....
I was hoping you'd chime in. Thanks, David. I'll report back next weekend.
My friend who gave it to me drank it and swore it had another 3-5 years left but noted there was a ton of sediment and to leave it upright for 12 hours.
Got an 1987 Quintarelli Valpolicella today from a friend. Hoping it still has some legs left but I've heard these wines can handle some age.
I want to do one "nicer" brunch on Sunday. I'm not much of a breakfast guy, so I'll probably just grab a bagel the other days.
Probably will do Cafe Boulud then, given the proximity to the Museum.
Italian is my favorite, so I don't mind, coupled with the fact that the cuisine appears different enough. I feel geriatric these days, so perhaps Cafe Boulud will work.If you could eat at any of them, which would it be?
That pizza looks great. Sorella or Barbuto or both? What about Cafe Boulud for Sunday brunch? I was thinking we could hit that and then do the Met/Park in the afternoon.
It sounds like they still might be trying to get their wheels, and they are not quite there yet. I may hold off until next visit.You may be right RE: pizza but for me it's more about nostalgia. Every time I've been (for leisure) I get pizza and Katz's/2nd Avenue Deli. Pizza may be replicated but a NY Deli cannot.I ate at Babbo a couple of years ago, and while it was very good, I'd rather eat somewhere I haven't been. I honestly am not sure if I'll ever go back.
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