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The reviews are mixed, some stating it was desolate and difficult to travel, others said it was the best time to go. I have a mutual friend who lives there that I sent an e-mail to. I hope that he is able to settle the debate.Probably a tough sell since I know my wife wants to go to Paris for at least a couple of days. If I were single I'd be all about it.
My wife is working in London for 2 months beginning December 1 and her firm agreed to fly me over as opposed to flying her back for Christmas and New Years. I'll be in Europe from December 22-Jan 2. I've never been to London so I will definitely spend a couple of days there. I was thinking Paris and Burgundy but I'm concerned that Burgundy will be too deserted with everyone taking holiday. I'm open to other suggestions if those seem less promising. Thoughts?
You ever buy online Pio? I've done it a few times recently and had good experiences. A great wine retail shop opened near my house a few months ago and it's been my go-to though.
Both '09 and '10 are considered excellent but the only better vintage of the last couple decades has been 2005, and then 1998 before that.
My wife has a glass. I have the other 3 and change. Drank this on Friday night. Was really shocked at the quality for the value. 2007 Rhone is drinking great right now and for around $32 this was a steal. I was pretty skeptical to Chateauneuf that cheap.
Picked up a couple new straps last week:
Thanks! I know there has been a backlash to Panerai lately but I love it.
Some earrings (not that expensive), flowers and a card. The watch was actually 3+ years in the making. She wanted to get me a nice watch as an engagement present but never did and finally pulled the trigger for anniversary number 2. I'm very excited for my first Panerai. Long time coming.
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