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Last night had a 2011 Arnot-Roberts North Coast Syrah at dinner. Typically I'm not a fan of California Syrah but this wine was totally different. If not for a very pronounced black pepper note I would have tagged it as Northern Rhone and probably still would if tasted blind. Only 12.9% abv, which is probably as low as I've had out of a California Syrah. I think retail it's around $40, and I don't see it as a great value, but it's certainly a very well-made wine.
Nice. That was my favorite dish at Atelier du Rubuchon. Yours looks pretty damn good.
Was there foie as well? I had this one a couple of weeks ago. Probably the richest meal of my life. So much butter.
Cheers!Nice! It was by far my favorite part of the trip. We couldn't get tastings at a bunch of the places I wanted to go (Meo-Camuzet, Domaine Leflaive, etc) because everyone was on vacation but we still drank and ate great. Enjoy!
A couple shots of Burgundy. I have to post my loot later. Nothing crazy (no La Tache or Romanee-Conti) but I got some interesting stuff.
Just got back from Burgundy. I'll post my loot later (brought back 9 bottles). It was an amazing trip. Stayed at Saulieu and made our way through the region to taste each day. I didn't think I'd like it as much as Montalcino but the wines were better and the countryside and, surprisingly, the food, were just as spectacular.
Good call. I think you can stay on the premises too. I need to read Andrew Jefford's "The New France" again. Maybe it has some tips RE: visiting other tasting rooms too.
That was the tentative plan. London -> Paris -> rent car to explore Burgundy. This is the longest vacation I'll likely take for the foreseeable future so quiet for that leg is welcomed. I'm hoping to find somewhere to eat and drink great and this is a great opportunity to visit one of my favorite wine regions. I just need to make sure that restaurants and tasting appointments will be available.
New Posts  All Forums: