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Who has been? Reports would be welcomed. I have another day to be talked out of it before my credit card is charged....
Finally pulled the trigger on some Alden for BB unlined shell. Socks are Pantherella.
I have this tie. It's badass.
Last night 2008 Albert Boxler Grand Cru Riesling and 1997 Bovio Barolo. Both excellent.
I love them, particularly if they have enough acid to make them less like honey syrup. Yours sounds great though. I've never had the Clos Jesbal but I love ZH so I'll have to try it.
Chateau D'Yquem?
2007 Produttori tonight. Took forever to start showing. Solid but not sure it'd be any better in a few years.
Love Selosse. I need to try some older Ridge wines. Nice haul.
Last night had an '07 Chateau Mathieu Chateuneuf du Papes. Typically I've loved how 07's are drinking from Rhone but this was a miss. Too jammy and overdone. Oh well. I'm attending a Barolo tasting on Wednesday so I should return with some good loot.
New Posts  All Forums: