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I would spend most of my time in the Amalfi Coast and Tuscany, more specifically Montalcino. Siena is great but it's well-suited for a day trip. There are a bunch of wineries that have accommodations and I highly recommend staying at a vineyard. It was one of my highlights of my trip. Also, buy more wine than you think is necessary and ship it back the the U.S. Regardless of how much I buy I always wish I had bought more 6 months later.
Leitz Eins Zwei Dry and Leitz Out are both good QPR.
For $8 that's a steal. I actually met Pietro Ratti at a wine tasting while he was doing a little wine promo a few weeks ago. I picked up some of his Barolos too after tasting. They don't have the QPR like the Barbera but they're good as well. A little more modern in style.
Here are some that I've been drinking lately: -2008Cantele Salice Salentino Riserva: For $10 this is pretty damned good. Big but not fruit forward. A delicious red. -2011 Domaines Ott Rose- Gonna be drinking a lot of this when it gets a little warmer; at $19 it is on the threshold for being too spendy for me to put it in the "daily drinker" category, though I might drink it daily. -2010 Renato Ratti Barbera d'Asti- I got this at closeout for $14/bottle and I wish I had...
Gruner Veltliner - FX Pichler Smargard "Loibner Berg" 2011 (purchased) - Another good selection, had the right amount of residual sugar I have the '07 of this and I'll probably drink it shortly. Nice wines.
Congrats, David. Nice press.
No. Typically only Blue label.
Who has been? Reports would be welcomed. I have another day to be talked out of it before my credit card is charged....
Finally pulled the trigger on some Alden for BB unlined shell. Socks are Pantherella.
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