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Had a little Jura bubbles last night. Very nice sparkler for the money.
Further evidence that my complaining (and subsequent hoarding) due to the winepocalypse may not be that crazy: http://www.decanter.com/news/wine-news/587408/burgundy-domaine-to-list-on-uk-stock-exchange Such bullshit.
Which cru? Great value for those wines.
Have you tried Montevertine? Outside of some Brunellos (Poggio di Sotto, Soldera, Le Ragnaie, Colleone, etc.) it's one of the best expressions of Sangiovese.
That's awful. You can find '86 Mondavi for a very reasonable price online (though who knows the storage conditions) but the fact that you had held onto it since you were 21 is the sad part. At least it wasn't '86 DRC?
Yep. Legislature granted him an exemption. Still shucking and jiving on Turtle Island.
Cleverley Russian leather saddle shoes received yesterday from LeatherSoul.
Damn. I saw him while I was in London at his shoe station a few months ago. I wish I had known about Justin's story beforehand. I certainly would have said hello and talked shoes and the states for a bit. Good stuff, Unbrelgrazzo.
Or, better yet, go over there and learn by tasting.
Thank you, nephew.
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