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That's awful. You can find '86 Mondavi for a very reasonable price online (though who knows the storage conditions) but the fact that you had held onto it since you were 21 is the sad part. At least it wasn't '86 DRC?
Yep. Legislature granted him an exemption. Still shucking and jiving on Turtle Island.
Cleverley Russian leather saddle shoes received yesterday from LeatherSoul.
Damn. I saw him while I was in London at his shoe station a few months ago. I wish I had known about Justin's story beforehand. I certainly would have said hello and talked shoes and the states for a bit. Good stuff, Unbrelgrazzo.
Or, better yet, go over there and learn by tasting.
Thank you, nephew.
Alden CXL for BB tassels
I just bought a 6-pack. Thanks for the recommendation.
Had this last night. Excellent. There are a lot of Chadderdon closeouts floating around here and I am rarely disappointed.
I would spend most of my time in the Amalfi Coast and Tuscany, more specifically Montalcino. Siena is great but it's well-suited for a day trip. There are a bunch of wineries that have accommodations and I highly recommend staying at a vineyard. It was one of my highlights of my trip. Also, buy more wine than you think is necessary and ship it back the the U.S. Regardless of how much I buy I always wish I had bought more 6 months later.
New Posts  All Forums: