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I get it. It's like paying $50 for Saint Aubin or Monthelie in Burgundy. Tough to swallow at that price. That said, I've had some pretty fantastic wines that I have been seriously geeking out about from those areas, so to me that's worth $50. Try the Cote du Py from Foillard. It's around $30 and I think you'll find value in it.
I dig Rioja, sherry and some of the whites, particularly the Rias Baixas ones, but I'll admit I don't drink enough from Spain. Had a Lopez de Heredia vina tondonia blanco the other night though that was killer. I have a problem with ripeness from Priorat and other warmer regions most of the time, so generally I prefer whites to the reds, except for Rioja. What are some of your favorites? I'm certainly open to trying more of them.I drink plenty of interesting Italian wine...
Metras is more like $65 a bottle, if you can find it.....I don't disagree with you that they've gotten pretty expensive, but compared to most of Burgundy, most are still relatively affordable. I love Nebbiolo, including the Valtellina expressions, and Italy generally still offers the best value across the board. But, love Cru Beaujolais too.
Totally disagree. Foillard (particularly the 3.14 cuvee) and Metras make some very interesting and delicious wines. Anything but boring.....
Had a little Jura bubbles last night. Very nice sparkler for the money.
Further evidence that my complaining (and subsequent hoarding) due to the winepocalypse may not be that crazy: Such bullshit.
Which cru? Great value for those wines.
Have you tried Montevertine? Outside of some Brunellos (Poggio di Sotto, Soldera, Le Ragnaie, Colleone, etc.) it's one of the best expressions of Sangiovese.
That's awful. You can find '86 Mondavi for a very reasonable price online (though who knows the storage conditions) but the fact that you had held onto it since you were 21 is the sad part. At least it wasn't '86 DRC?
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