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in for whenever the fabric MA-1 comes back
lets do a kickstarter to buy Drew himself
late june, brown lamb a2, suede tag delete
he was banned a while ago
I've been defrauded right here on SF B&S by someone who had sold some things legitimately for a while to gain trust and legit seller rep, and then as a last hoorah created several fraudulent semi high dollar listings and took the money and ran.Not saying the ToJ would do that though.
whats the going rate for a 50wk spot?
Used, decent condition, could use a little bit of elbow grease to condition and polish out scuffs Comes with original shoe bags! Does not come with original shoe box or shoe trees. Shipped via 2 day USPS!
File a claim in US court with laws separate from those of TOJ's country of operation or Korean court where they simply don't GAF?
Can we cancel this guy's order and make him #11?
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