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black nylon, wanted some wind/water resistance
Fit opinions please on the length of my MA-1, before I place additional orders (like a persian blue suede MA-1). The length of this (stock 35) is longer than the other current jackets I own, but I consider it still within my range of approriate fit. The question is....for future orders, is it more optimal for me to go a little bit shorter like the length of my ToJ A2 (~1" shorter)? MA-1: front 21.8" back 24.2" A2: front 21.0" back 23.3" pictures of other jackets for...
logged on for the first time in many months, taking a long shot to see if MA-1's were an option yet, and I was pleasantly surprised take my money, charly
in for whenever the fabric MA-1 comes back
lets do a kickstarter to buy Drew himself
late june, brown lamb a2, suede tag delete
he was banned a while ago
I've been defrauded right here on SF B&S by someone who had sold some things legitimately for a while to gain trust and legit seller rep, and then as a last hoorah created several fraudulent semi high dollar listings and took the money and ran.Not saying the ToJ would do that though.
whats the going rate for a 50wk spot?
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