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Isn't the Ben a squared off version of the Olfe/Hiro? Seems to me pepe's description fits both, so I'd like to see side-by-side's of the Ben and Park.Perhaps the resident expert Terrorsquad can help with this one.I've hodgepotched this together from Terrorsquad's Park picture and chogall's Ben picture
YMMV based on inventory, but I ordered a classic line shoe yesterday, got payment and ready to ship notice today.
similar to drew's build, fairly true size 44 / XSbut as you've seen, sizing up a bit (aka drew fit) can also work well depending on your aesthetic
I agree, set-and-forget.But I have to add to that...don't look at Drew's instagram, otherwise you'll see exactly what your jawn money has been doing...funding luxury cars, international jet sets, five star hotels, premium cigars, margiela, bottles of champagne, and caviar purchases while you've been sitting at home for months, cold, alone, jawn-less, starting to drown in your own sweet sorrow.
did they still have the duck boot this season? I missed out on the FW13 duck boot
I think George Bush might pick up a Havana odd jacket next.
Went to the SOHO store today and tried on all the different cuts. Went with the Sienna cut in blue plain, as it had the cleanest drape and waist suppression (http://us.suitsupply.com/suits/suit-blue-plain-sienna-p3485i/P3485I,en_US,pd.html) Jacket is untouched, will have a tailor clean it up a bit, but otherwise off the rack it's not too bad.
Superior choice going with channel quilt instead of diamond.
Visited earlier, bought some shirts. Very nice salespeople.The linen shirts size small are fairly short IMO, body is probably roughly accurate to the 16-34 (I say roughly because I only tried the 14.5 and 15 in the tokyo slim dress shirting, and the size small linen was definitely more blousey in the body than the 15).
just switched to saphir MDO products I tried to antique the westbourne's with about 3 coats of black MDO cream on the toe box after 3 coats of mahogany cream, but it didn't really take, so I just threw some neutral wax on the cap instead....any tips for getting the black to take? these are both ~4 years old
New Posts  All Forums: