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One of my very good friends' brother is having a bar-mitzvah tomorrow. Im going all black suit, with a blue and white striped shirt. Its a very heavy dark blue that overpowers the faint white stripes however stripes are still noticible. I'm debating between what color tie to wear. I feel wearing a striped tie would be too overpowering and not flow with the faint striped shirt. So i was thinking a plain colored tie. But I am not sure what color. What you guys think goes...
its the designs. there very different and intricate. im starting to actually i guess wein? away from them because of how terrible their new stuff looks. There new stuff is way too dark and gloomy not to mention they keep jacking the prices up. Most of the stuff I buy from them yes has skulls, but some of the stuff they have out now is way to past that. For example look at any of the stuff on their website under the Royalty series. Edit: and bamboo isnt any better.
Dont know if there is any thread like this but, if you were to choose 1 piece of clothing. Shirt OR pants, OR jacket etc. What would you choose. ONE piece. And then a runner up I would probably choose my black jaded by knight hoodie. Very comfortable plus a great design. Second my Affliction Red Label Thermal. Nice design. On the back it has the name Affliction with red rhinestones surroudning it. Almost a blue/greish and black color. if you want, post links to...
Affliction hat mattching affliction shirt (same design as on hat) dark pair of affliction jeans necklace dog tag blue/white AF1 to match the white and blue on the hat/shirt
Couldnt find out where to put this. Ive been looking for a cross to wear. Casual at work etc. However Iw ork in a pool so it cant be Sterling SIlver or it tarnishes very easily. Looking for a White Gold cross, prefrebly with Diamonds, NO YELLOW GOLD hate yellow gold. Does not have to come with a chain. Something that looks like http://www.davidyurman.com/shoponlin...s/mens/chevron http://www.kingbabystudio.com/detail...t&cat=pendants Any ideas greatly appreciatd....
my favorite sneakers by far are air force ones. casual, yet very nice. when clubbing however i always where a shoe not a sneaker. with jeans I normally would wear a pair of matching air force ones. If oyu go to nike.com you can prety much create them however you want. Usually range from $80 - alot lol.
Ok so, I was going to a christmas party, and i realized the belt I was planning on wearing was broken. So i run out to macys and grab the cheapest one that fit me. It caught me by curiosity hte brand of it. I evenasked the sales clerk what brand it was and he had no idea. Maybe some of you do. The belt was only 40$ The logo was 4 r's. Lower case forming a square one regular r connected to a backwards r on top to form the top half. and the oposite on the...
it seems aroudn your butt to thighs they dont fit. you need to post a pic with a jacket though so we can see what shows what does not. the jacket might cover everything up. Plus you need a shirt tucekd in. Trust me both make all the difference. Pretend you were going somewhere dresed up, get a pic with a tucked in shirt and a jacket on
i feel as if you were to get a nice pair of brown pants to go with them they wouldnt be too bad. it edpends what you wear them for. would never get them for everyday life
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