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Of course not. I just love the fit. And everything I've tried on (with the exception of a RO Stooges) looks super boxy with overly heavy leather. So I was just hoping for some suggestions that fit like that. I should've probably been more clear in the original post.
Does anyone have any idea what this moto jacket is? Thanks
It's weird that Revolve is the same company, but their stock between the two sites is different.
You're asian, right?
How'd you size the kitos vs your Escobar size?
Which jacket is this?
If 30s in the petit standard are too tight, I'd go with a 32 in the coast. (I have both those jeans in both those sizes.)
Damn. How'd you size this? Down one?
In my experience you'd be a 29 in all the raw versions (not washed)
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