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They said their sales are run by farfetched exclusively. That it's not in store? Are you trying in store or did you order on farfetched?
Nah, Hedi is the fake Slann.
Could you link it?
44. It depends a lot more of the width of your foot though.
I'd go 40. Maybe 41? Is it possible you could buy both to try them on if a store isn't close?
When's this collab dropping?
I wouldn't taper them. They look good and it's very symmetric to your torso (that I can see). Further tapering below the knee is going to make you look more top heavy.
The jeans look good. I would hem as I think that leg looks cleaner. All in all, they're good though. Given your build, I don't think you'd want them any tighter.
What do they carry?
That'd be a killer deal if it's real.
New Posts  All Forums: