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You physically hand wash everything or you use the "hand wash" setting on the washing machine?
This. In my experience, after everyone's moved on, you can grab former hype pieces significantly less. There are exceptions of course like some Raf stuff.
Did that stuff significantly darken the suede or am I seeing things?
Is this a flash hoodie?
I had those and ended up selling them. I kept the black W+H's with the white soles. Definitely one of my favorite shoes. The white ones though were kind of weird. They, to me, weren't quite clean enough (design wise) to be in the same league as white CPs. They seemed almost kind of workwear-ish white sneakers?
Yeah, I'd definitely say a 4 if you're a 42. I'm a 40 and wear a 3.
In my experience, (I haven't handled the Blackmean's one) you should size up from your TTS size. Unless you're a slim in a size (i.e. a slim medium like a 38 could probably wear a size M rider).
Which rider are you talking about? The Summer rider?
I'd go down a size based on those pictures, although it's hard to say 100% without seeing the whole outfit.
Is the raglan the same as the raw edge or is there a separate raglan? I'm trying to google raglan and all that comes up is the raw edge raglan hoodie. Thanks
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