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What shoes are you wearing?
In the article it says he was hired on as a consultant.
An interesting article about the creation of Kanye's first season including comments by Geller who apparently was hired to consult: http://wwd.com/menswear-news/designer-luxury/the-reeducation-of-kanye-west-10093782/
That's a medium. Looks good homie!!!
Yeezus, dude. What do you want from them?!? As someone very familiar with the business (clothing), I can tell you, there will always be debates about whether producing domestically is that beneficial to our economy when compared to producing overseas. It's not going to get answered in this forum or this thread. This company doesn't have the answer. They're just trying to do the best they can by them, and I think they should be applauded for that, instead of berated. ...
They produce at a boutique-y sort of all in one manufacturer that's part of the reshoring movement. I'm not trying to blow up their spot, but it's definitely not a sweatshop.
It's just sewn on as far as I can tell, but I feel like it'd leave some areas weak and prone to holes with washing if pulling the thread didn't tear them outright. The pocket on my white one is starting to tear where it's sewn on to the jersey tee, so I'd imagine taking it out would cause a lot of that.
I'd say 3
Let me know what you have.
Of course not. I just love the fit. And everything I've tried on (with the exception of a RO Stooges) looks super boxy with overly heavy leather. So I was just hoping for some suggestions that fit like that. I should've probably been more clear in the original post.
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