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It's a joke....you guys must be a hit at parties.
The thermal washed black?
I'm pretty sure that's in CAD (Canadian dollars)
Grailed would be your best bet.
Go with your same size.
I like the d01s on you.
What jacket is that? It looks amazing.
I've gotten away from belts but would definitely also recommend Tanner. I've had a few from years ago that have held up great. They've increased the price since then, but are still the best for the money, in my opinion.
I'm not sure if someone's mentioned it, but there's some Geller on sale at Forward. There's a Richard Jacket and long plaid in a 50.
The fabric doesn't compare to john Elliott (on the old ones). It's 100% cotton and nowhere near the hand. If you want a tee like that, check https://uniformla.com
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