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What's this jacket again? So fire.
I like it with the layering tee. I think overall the 750s throw the fit off. Everything else looks solid to me. The float knit is nice.I handled the leather puffer at Barney's. Not quite as utilitarian as say the rider but a beautiful piece.
I hadn't heard that. I did a google search and saw a comment on the "Whitney Blog" but couldn't find anything more. They did have a redesign of all their bottles but I wasn't aware it coincided with any change in formulas? Although, you do get slightly less for the same price. I've been using it for 7ish years and have referred a lot of people to their products who tend to love them. The kits are a steal to try the stuff.
If you got it from Ssense, they're 1000% legit.
Jiffy makes the best steamers, in my opinion.
While we're on the subject, if you're looking for facial care, Sanitas is by far the best thing on the market, in my opinion. They have intro kits where you can try the line for around $50 if you look around.
They show 400 something to the US. Was there a code?
Sorry double post on terrible WIFI.
What chelseas are these?
That's my size, but I didn't. I didn't pick up a pair, I just shared the deal. Good luck.
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