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Are there any current yoox dream box codes? Thanks
@johnelliotco The coast is out until mid December now? I thought it was a week out??
So those were dry cleaned every time? Never washed in a washing machine?Last time I was there, a couple months ago, that was the case. It's odd to me.
That ish drives me crazy, how they mark everything up over retail?!? They have some dope stuff too, but there's no way to justify buying from them at those prices plus tax when you could mail order from someone else.
What's the superstar code?
@johnelliottco Two things: 1. Any word on the Coast restock? and 2. Are you not offering the 10% email code any longer? Thanks
Killin em with that denim fit!
Are y'all still doing the 10% off for new email subscribers? I signed up but didn't get anything? Thanks
Aaah I've been meaning to get those greys. I just found them, and they're sold out.
New Posts  All Forums: