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@jthom931 What's the tee underneath?
At this point you're doing laps.
This guy...@victoorious
Whew the jacket is so fire. How'd you size, Dbear? Did Geller lower his retail prices this season?
Which new t's?!?
They generally release codes that are an extra amount off sales, but I can't recall a general sale code.
Just fold your knits. There's no reason to hang them.
Which acne cut are those?
I'm looking to trade my size 42 Bland and Noir High tops for a size 43, in similar condition. These have been worn but immaculately cared for.
or sale is a pair of Common Projects Achilles mids in a size 42. These beautiful shoes are one of Common Projects staple designs in a signature color way that's carried over season after season. They were expertly made in Italy. These have been worn, but well cared for. There is minimal heel drag. This auction comes with the shoes, original box, the dust bag (which has a little bit of dirt on it), and a brand new pair of laces. As I said, these have been worn. When not...
New Posts  All Forums: