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I think that'd be a hard job...especially since what you're talking about letting out is essentially the selvedge and I'm not sure how much there is to let out. You could always talk to a tailor but I'd imagine it's pretty expensive as they weren't made to be let out, like older/more formal garment are. There are so many options out there as far as nice jeans go, I personally wouldn't bother unless you're absolutely in love.
If they're that tight, it's doubtful they'll stretch enough to be anything more roomy than skinny jeans (in the thigh).
That linen sweater is dope. It reminds me of the Kanye airport sweater.
I want those so bad in the black upper with a white sole, but can't find them on sale anywhere.
Hahaha please@johnelliottco Are y'all looking for a company mascot? He looks great in all your clothes, super solid hair, and has transportation. Willing to travel.
@victoorious , you have a problem, my friend.
I'm not sure they picked it up. I didn't see any Geller at the main Barney's out here. I took a pretty thorough look through everything.
What'd you see in a 52 in the LA store? I dropped by and saw one jacket in a 48, that ran small.
The all black look like orthopedic shoes to me. I'd go white. Definite classic in the low.
Our legacy sale just went live: http://ourlegacy.se
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