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What are those white jeans?
A couple things from reading above. Selvedge doesn't make the jeans better. It's simply using the selvedge line (meaning the very edge of the material when produced on a narrow, normally vintage loom) to make the outside seams of the denim. In order to make a pair of jeans show the selvedge, that seam has to be perfectly straight. To make that happen, you have to make the shaping come from other places in the jeans. When you have a jean fit like these (or an SLP d02),...
It's coming up invalid. What was it?
A couple killer deals at Steven Alan. 40% off some sale Schneider. WELCOME2015 stacks if it's your first buy. http://www.stevenalan.com/BOARD-JACKET/F15_NA_F15_STYLE_13.html?dwvar_F15__NA__F15__STYLE__13_color=010#q=schneider&start=2 . That coat is $297 once added to cart (before the extra code)
Do people generally size down in the memory coat?
I'm late to the party. Any stockist still have the memory coat in beige or navy in a 5?
Maybe I'm bias because he nailed that Emil bomber pattern.
He nails most of his jacket fits.....maybe he just needs help with the knits?
I take it these sold out rather quickly?
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