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Damn, he's a big dude?
@johnelliottco Will the long sleeve u-neck become part of the basics collection alongside the short sleeve u-neck (meaning not seasonal/or strictly capsule)? Also, will retailers receive the coast restock before they're posted on your site? As always, thank you.
Where was this?
So everything, but the inflatable boat?
Hahaha I love that you've been there and your diplo example. I completely agree you should look good. I guess maybe the difference is in our perception of the term "beater clothes". It's not that I look bad. At most gigs I wear some APC jeans paired with a tee and chucks. I still look good I just wear things that are completely replacable as opposed to some seasonal pieces that I love and could never find again, in the event that some entitled foreign idiot decides to...
I understand what you're saying....but it all depends. If I'm the headliner, then I wear nicer things, but if it's week to week in a club, I generally don't. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but most DJ booths are designed moronically with ALL/MOST of the amps for the whole club within them, coupled with generally poor ventilation, meaning that it's significantly hotter than the rest of the club and making for you becoming semi drenched in sweat by the end of the...
Damn. I'd keep the Mercer and try to take it to the cleaner. You can get blood off. Although off white, it's a lot harder.
You've gotta wear shitty clothes to work, homie. Whenever I DJ, it's all beater everything. It kinda sucks, because you see some fly girls...but nothing good happens in the club, especially to your sneakers.
@JohnElliottCo Can y'all confirm this?
@JohnElliottCo And the coast denim? Any update? Do any boutiques have the updated fit now?
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