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Are y'all bringing back the indigo raws?
Pretty sure that's just a reverse terry. Pilling inevitably happens with all knits. As someone else above said, it's normally magnified by something rubbing against it or the material rubbing together under pressure.
For sale is a Band of Outsiders olive parka jacket in a size 2. It was worn twice but always taken care of and is impeccable shape. It was made in Italy and is a beautiful olive color that pairs well with a number of colors. Please check my feedback and buy with confidence.
For sale is a very early spring/summer season Band of Outsiders black parka jacket in a size medium (fits TTS). This jacket is extremely rare, from when they were still producing their outerwear in the US, when the brand was very young. If you're a Band of Outsiders fan, this is a most own piece of their history. It was worn once but always taken care of and is impeccable shape. The light caught the jacket a bit weird in the photos, but it's most like the first photo. ...
For sale is a brand new with tags Band of Outsiders Harrington jacket in a size 3. This beautiful khaki jacket was bought a couple seasons ago from a boutique in Britain and has never been worn. It was made in Italy and is perfect shape. Please check my feedback and buy with confidence.
The sizing information in this thread is mind blowing. If you're a medium, buy a medium, their fabric has a lot of give. I understand being concerned about the jean sizing. Their cuts (in tees) are not especially slim in my opinion, much less so than say an American Apparel, or an actual "slim fit tee".
They went under. The founder/creative director is doing well with whatever his normal business was before starting the clothing company from what I understand. I have the black pair. What size are those?
Are these Blanc + Noir kicks?
I agree with the above poster. The denim, in my opinion, with the tees is the best of John Elliott + Co.
Can you buy directly from Rakuten shipped to the US? Or do you have to go through a proxy? Thanks
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