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I didn't wanna tell you this publicly, because I'm sure you're a nice guy, but that jacket isn't flattering at all on you. You should definitely sell it.
Everything about the JE crew necks is better. They fit better everywhere and the material is far superior. The AA summer loose crew has a lower neck and is tighter in the body, but I take the same size in both.
Who the hell bought those? I know Maas and stacks, that's the only thing I wanted this season and by the time I got around to buying it, they were sold out in a 48.
I'm not sure if you can post that here, but I'd cop all three if they were M.
Speaking of tanks, does anyone have any of the mesh ones in a 48? Black, red, or cream/white?
Did you hem the jeans? I realize they're rolled but is that the full inseam rolled up?
I know American Rag has at least the graphite's in the newest fit. They have the whole denim line, I believe. I haven't been to Fred Segal in months. I stop by American Rag regularly.
I'd gAmerican Rag would be my guess...or Fred Segal?
Someone cop those geller CP's on totokaelo.
Top half is fire.
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