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You can list it in the buying and selling, just not in the discussion threads. I understand what you're saying about it being frustrating as this is a thread devoted to this brand and it would make sense to post it here.
I hope so.
I'm not trying to debate you. I come in this thread to try to help people, not to change opinions. To be honest, there's not much value I take from this particular thread, so being an authority in it has little merit for me. I mean classic as in the way an athletic shoe comes laced (I.e. Nike, reebok) and about 99% of other shoes.
It won't make the shoe physically wider...but it will make it so it accommodates a wider foot. It's well noted throughout this thread and if you've ever tried it you would see. The lacing as it comes sort of locks (for lack of a better word) the width so there's less give than the classic lacing.
The Achilles can work for you, you just have to change the lacing to the classic style, it will make them much wider. I agree to the above though, if that's where your toe is, size down.
There's a JE facebook group dedicated to buying/selling/wanted
What app is this?
I'm not sure if there's an acne appreciation thread on here. There's one on Kanye to the...but it's on Kanye to the. You can get stay cash for around 170 ish when tres bien does a 25 euro off promotion. It may be found lower, but given their popularity recently, I think it'd be hard.
I'll take that bet...on the heavy influence of the entire line.
It's going to be 6-8 somewhere.
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