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Looks amazing. Thank you!
Who shot the editorial with that jacket? Which store?
This is the same canvas bomber that was on SSENSE? Anyone else carry it? They're sold out in a 48. It looks great. Thank you.
Would you mind sharing the coupon code? I'm not signed up to their newsletter.Thanks
How do you access the sale?
Me either. It shows in my account, but no confirmation email and they haven't charged my card.
It's the different retailers. The lower priced ones are selling out from the European retailers and what's left are the higher priced retailers. Far fetch is just a hub for a bunch of retailers globally, most without websites, that's the appeal. It's not one entity trying to screw anyone.
There's some schneider stuff on the far fetch private sale.
I wish they sold acne jeans. Or just acne clothing in general.
No hyphen and it works
New Posts  All Forums: