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For real. I really wish I would've grabbed one of those clashes.
Wasn't there an EndClothing Coupon in the past couple of pages? I'm trying to find it, but don't see it? Am I imagining things?
Yeah, I have one. It's cool. Nothing crazy, but for a standard sweatshirt, it's cool, I like it. The cut on mine is a little weird, but I got it for half off and rock it all the time.
Any chance for a fit pic? Which version are they? When the sizing was bigger or current?
How'd you size the jeans/escobars?
Damn, who's got this in a 48?!?!
Anyone get the cobalt Raws in 31 recently or have the new cut nwts and wanna let them go?
Why are you worried about him? Do you. Who cares what he does or doesn't do?
Are you interested in selling the black?
I need ALL those jeans. ^^ @johnelliottco you wear the same size in all your jeans? Washed vs Raw.Here are fit pictures. One is a pair of Nike Tech Fleece pants in a medium which I love the fit of and the other is the dark grey Escobar in a size medium, which are tight, I'm wondering if they'd stretch that much or I should size up? Thanks. Please pardon the lack of shoes. I snapped that this morning.
New Posts  All Forums: