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In my opinion, worse. Definitely compared to acne at least. Apc is sort of all over the place.
Damn Melo, hook a homie up in a 42.
I have a NWOT pair of nimbus wash jeans in a 31 that I'm about to list if anyone is interested.
It is becoming extremely popular, but john elliott didn't create that style.
Who else sales Diemme's? I'd love to pick up some of the marostica highs (mids).
They're not particularly heavy, I'd say mid weight.
How do Diemme run?
I stopped by Fred Segal in Santa Monica today. They're carrying Geller again. They had a couple flannels (not the long one), some of the jeans (priced at $440 I believe), a tank, jacket, and I know some other things, but that's all I'm remembering.
DO people generally take the same size in the PNS as the PS? Thanks
American Rag didn't carry Geller last season (SS14). Their buy was actually pretty lame for them, I think they just discovered wings + horns. It's possibly that they could bring him back for FW 14, but is probably bleak given the fact that they dropped him in the spring.Fred Segal Man didn't carry Geller last season either. They did a few seasons ago, and again it's possible that they could bring him back, but they dropped him awhile ago. If you're looking for Beams...
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