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I have this problem too. Though I think it got better after the first episode. I couldn't understand over half of what he was saying in that one. I think someone sat Madds down to have a talk about it.
This is pretty good: https://twitter.com/ZooHannibal "We love watching them feed the sea lions for the same reason that we love our fathers. The only alternative is terror." "Your quarter doesn't buy you a handful of food for the billy goat. It buys the forgiveness of all the billy goats you are unable to feed." "If you were to escape, tortoise, you would be forgotten almost immediately, invisible. It is your enclosure that makes you a god."
At a new company, need to work with data, all the customer information is all out of order. I have 1K+ "active" customers, 377 have all their cells filled in, and with those 377 customers it's all over the place. The customers in England are listed as UK, the UK, United Kingdom, the united kingdom. I can get that sorted out, but that's such a small % of the list. Most entries have an address field that has all the information dumped into it, but nothing in the city or...
It is the gluten free of oils. You saying it increases your clarity of mind is only more reason to not associate with it.
You need to have tan skin and a strong jaw to be bald. There is evidence that it helps regrow hair and/or stop hair loss, and no evidence that I know of that it causes shedding, so I dont really know where Mich is going with that. It's also more likely to regrow hair the sooner you use it. Use it for 6 months or so while you decide.
I just got 35 issues of Heavy Metal magazine from the 1980s. They had a sale where each issue was $4. I thought maybe it was too much, but after 2 days of reading them over I'm very happy with my purchase. The comics are insane and the art is amazing. It's also a nice look back on the 80's with articles on 80's b-movies, music ect. One has an interview with David Cronenberg when he wasn't really on anyone's map. I also get to read all these older comics people always make...
I'm a marketer. I've graduated in it and worked in it since. I'm good at it, and it's easy for me. My marketing background is in research, analysis(mostly relating to sales and manufacturing), lead generation, direct marketing, and digital marketing. I'm a left brained numbers guy, but I can still write good copy and do all the other marketing stuff, I just don't enjoy it that much. I'm also a fairly good manager. Three weeks ago I started working at a tech company. We...
The internet police are on my tail for downloading torrents. Anyone have a TV Torrents code I could use?
I still don't understand the Ginsburg story. It was very dramatic and came out of no where with little explanation.
It's not that he didn't care. He just kept that in mind to use as a power play later, when he made Don sign the contract.Bert is a great character. It doesn't even happen every season, but every now and then you get a glimmer of an extremely intelligent businessman.
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