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What ever happened to Tokyo Slim?
Kind of a late question since everyone is already doing it, but what is the most simple way to get a controller for my PC. I've had Super Meat Boy for a long time, as well as Trine 2, and after watching the doc on Indi Games I really want to play both of them. I just wan't something responsive and hassle free.Game is over in a blow or two and then....the PS1....loading times....
How is this? I watch the videos and I can decide if it would be hard to control, or if winning seems so much up to chance like Bushido Blade.
What is the best time of the series to pick up Dr. Who? I watched the first episode of the season that started in 2005 and it was quite honestly some of the worst television I have ever seen.
I was thinking of making a thread similar to this. I'm at a crossroads in my career as a marketer. I currently manage a marketing department at a tech company. I have a background in direct marketing and I approach things from the analytical point of view. I'm looking for a new job are these are the issues I hope to resolve. 1. Should I just start my own agency? I've met other marketers who have done this and I know I am better than they are, but I don't know how much...
I can't find anything on Netflix. I just go through the categories and scroll through the 25 or so selection before it loops. Apparently you could watch trailers for a movie on Netflix but I think they took that away. Let's share some tips on how to use Netflix. I'll start. When you look at DVDs you can save them to the Queue. They have the same feature for instant movies, only they call it a "list." Also, instant means streaming. So for a quick reference queue=list and...
Anyone play Rust? It's getting a lot of grass roots type buzz. It's on Steam. You start out as a naked cave man and have to gather resources and craft things to use like weapons and even structures. As I understand it, there are no teams, but you can rally togeather with people to defend yourself as a group and steal things from other people. It's kind of like Minecraft and Day Z.Very cool
I have a presentation to give to my boss right before Xmass. The things is, I know for sure I will do a good job, but he is very moody and sporadic. I will present a very good plan to him of what to do and depending on whatever mood he is in that day he will praise or trash it, then his ego will uphold that judgment for some time, and this is all right before Christmas. If he had a bad sandwich before the presentation, he will be in a rage as I present, then uphold that...
The Sandman series means a lot to me. I'm pretty open to a book or comic going to other mediums, but Sandman simply could not work as a movie. As a TV series it might, but not as a movie. That said, I think it's great that Sandman as become popular enough to warrant a movie.
I have them. Amazon is pretty close. It's more on the wine side than burgundy. The lighter color pics you have done look anything like the product.
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