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I got the wireless Xbox One controller for my PC. I think it feels really great. I'm finishing up GTAV and should be done with that soon. I really want to play the Mad Max game but it's still $60. I think I'll work through the Walking Dead games and just wait for Mad Max to go on sale.
I had one, lost her in a breakup. It was very sad too because the cat loved me more than she loved my ex. I'm changing apartments soon and if I can have a cat after that I'll get one. I'm thinking a Main Coon cat or Scottish Fold.
I remember in the late 90s somehow Tom Green of all people managed to have Monica Lewinsky be on his show. They went around doing stuff in Canada and got followed by the paparazzi like crazy. No mention of the Bill Clinton scandal was ever made. I remember as a teenager I watched it then started to feel bad for all the Monica Lewinsky jokes because she genuinely seemed pretty sweet and down to earth.
Shooting right now in TX? http://regated.com/2016/06/active-terrorist-shooting-walmart-texas/ https://twitter.com/CityofAmarillo?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw
I'd imagine insurance companies would be very interested in DNA data.
I'm adopted and interested. Is it really trustworthy though? A few years ago NPR(I think it was NPR) had one of their journalists send his DNA to several companies who claimed they could tell him what diseases he was predisposed for, and each company gave him different results. He then sent his dog's DNA to a few and they didn't even catch that the DNA was not human.
I wish I had a cat. Post pics?
So Sweden is now paying for recently arrived refugees to go into sniper training as part of their integration program. http://newobserveronline.com/sweden-state-funded-muslim-sniper-training/ Could you imagine being a fly on the wall in that meeting? Are people in Sweden just really stupid? How do people make decisions like this? Do their politicians ever give interviews? You read so often in the news about stuff like this being announced, but I don't really see them...
I'm guessing this is a pro Trump group on a campus because there are two MAGA hats. Shows a male version of trigglypuff. With that kind of baby fat you can tell he had low testosterone ever since he began puberty. Sad!Trump just won't quit trolling. He wants a "winners evening" at the convention and replace politicians with sports champions. As strange as the whole idea is, I think people seeing Tom Brady endorse Trump is going to have more of an impact than most...
I have a slightly different take on it. I think progressives felt like they had this power with keeping people in line by calling people racist of sexist as a way to attack someone's character, yet they have moved the goalposts so much as far as what "racist" or "sexist" mean and it's simply stopped being as effective as it once was, and the goalposts have moved to such a degree with all these statements in the news, the BLM movements, 3rd wave feminism, and these...
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