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Tywin LannisterCharles Dance makes the character better than he ever was in the book, and I loved the change of having him at Harrenhall enjoying Arya's company. In the book Arya says that her mother always told her father (Ned) to put his "king's face" on before meeting people, and that a king's face was more of a demeanor of someone who was in power and comfortable with it, and that Tywin had the same face.. Charles Dance has the perfect king's face.
My wife had a rough morning. I was having a bad dream. I was in a crowd and went to punch someone in the face. I woke up because I punched my wife in the face in my sleep. I immediately apologized and went to get some tissue in case she was bleeding and ice. As I was getting all that, our cat jumped on the bed and bit her arm. She took it in good humor later luckily. It wasn't hard at all, just shocking.
I got a new job! Director of Marketing at a tech company. The title is misleading since most directors are a lot older and make a lot more than I do, but it's still a bump up in pay. I get a team of 3, and if I preform well, after some time I might also get the sales team too. I get the offer letter Monday and don't really want to celebrate until then.
I'm so tempted to get an Oculus Rift DK2. I think Id get my $390(shipped) out of it, but it would be frustrating if they released the consumer version in a year or so. I played DK1 and thought it was amazing. FF-X was a chore to play. I did like the node based ability system. Titus and Yuna were awful, boring characters. I also think X is when the art when from stylized to ridiculous.
Thanks so much otc! It worked perfectly. I'm frustrated I did not arrive at that conclusion myself. This is the best forum ever.
Tron 2 was all good fun in the same way seeing in Evil Dead movie was as a mid-late teen. It's just good fun. I don't like Brave because it's something a young boy could watch and find no hero's. Every man in that movie was portrayed as an absolute idiot. I just hope that the Disney SW movies are made with good Sci-Fi in mind, with characters that can relate to audiences of all ages, and they wont crack down on expanded universe stuff or impose that classic Disney...
I have a calculation that can return any sort of number. That said, the min and max of the calculation has to be between 25 and 75. So for example 2+2=25, and 200+2=75. The value that needs to be returned has to be between 25 and 75. What can I do to satisfy this?
So the news today is saying that there will be 3 younger leads, with some "very familiar faces" and it's set 30 years before The Empire Strikes Back. If it's 30 years before tESB, then how many years is that before A New Hope? Also, if it's in the past like that, I assume we will not see the old actors? But the news articles also bring up the rumors about Hamill, Ford, and Fisher reprising their old roles. A former coworker had Mark Hamill visit his college once. He said...
I think Tyreese is horrible. He's either confused/concerned or angry. Even though it's not current, Shane was an awful actor and he lingered for too long. His bad acting was not only in his voice, but you could see it in his face and body language. The worst part is that he lived so much longer in the show than he did the comics. Rick's character is acted averagely well, but different in a way that makes the character less likable. He draws his words out in a way that's...
I liked the episode the more that I thought about it. I agree, Melissa McBride is the best in the series. Her character is the only one who could have done that, but with so much compassion. Everyone around her sucks at acting, but it was a better episode in an otherwise boring season.
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