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"I know Anthony Weiner. I don't want him knowing anything." Just checked, I had no idea the Wiener documentary was out.
I can totally see Koreans and Chinese cutting their children's arms and hands off to give them bionic arms so they can play the piano better. It's going to happen. Mark my words.
It really annoys me that Amazon mixes their paid content in with their Prime content. I'm sure that's the reason why everyone under uses their service. I've been wanting to watch Mr. Robot for some time. I see in the news it's on Amazon and I'm happy. Then find out you have to pay like $3 per episode and I'm a Prime member. I'm going to cause such a scene if I ever see Jeff Bezos at a trade show.
New video from the night of the San Jose riot. These latino gentlemen sucker punch two women then go on to attack other suspected Trump supporters:
Car Talk was fun just because the hosts were always so jolly. There's no way you could be in a bad mood listening to those guys. I'd listen to it all the time and I have zero interest in automotives. The NPR Politics podcast just does nothing but trash Trump now. This is very different from a few months ago where they just analyzed the race. The show has completely changed.
I got Tribes 2 right as school was out. I was a teenager and I did not have to work that summer, so I clocked an obscene number of hrs in that game over the summer. That's how I got so amazingly good at the game. I think it's the most amazing FPS ever made. Nothing compares to the mechanics of just moving around and timing your spinfusor just right, and the tactics were more complex than just about anything. I honestly don't know much about Midair. I first saw screenshots...
Tribes is the best FPS series ever made. I was so good at Tribes 2 it was almost inhuman. To date no other game has made it as fun to simply move around and go fast. You should check out the kickstarter game Midair.
I'm not a student. I don't know the bathrooms in the whole building, just that one in particular. The point is now they have created a situation where most everyone would be uncomfortable using the bathroom. It's really stupid. Politically I think if bathrooms are gendered or not should be a choice left up to the property owner.
I wonder if they joined because they enjoy the game of basketball or because they were anticipating some kind of reaction that would let him/her wallow in some sense of victimhood.Ok, did reverse image search, I was right:http://espn.go.com/espnw/athletes-life/article/10170842/espnw-gabrielle-ludwig-52-year-old-transgender-women-college-basketball-player-enjoying-best-year-life
If roughly half the population consist of men and less than 1% are trans-whatever, why should the men go piss somewhere else?That's not really my point anyway. Women just won't use these bathrooms at all.
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