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I think he really does believe in the themes of his campaigns. There are videos going back many years where he is complaining about the same problems like trade deals, policy negotiation, and Iraq. I think outside of that he is very fluid.
https://nypost.com/2016/05/23/university-of-missouris-paying-a-price-for-its-lame-response-to-last-falls-racial-protests/ In the past 6 months Mizzou has had an attendance drop of 1,500 students. And a potential budget shortfall of $32 million. White flight is a very expensive mistake. This college is going to be so black Bill Cosby is about to wear a sweater with it's logo on it.
I still care about politics, but I spend so much time reading the news just because I like seeing how the "system" works. It's the same reason I enjoy watching House of Cards. There are just a few issues that really get to me. Persuasion has little to do with reasoning. Trump is most definitely persuasive. This stuff fascinates me because I work in marketing. I love seeing someone like Hillary who changes what she says based on polling and focus groups go against someone...
I played the multiplayer beta and it was bad. That means nothing to me though since no one really played DooM for multiplayer. The videos of single player simply look like what you'd expect a modern DooM game to look like, which is great.
Sports Authority is going out of business this week and they are having a sale. http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2016/05/23/sports-authority-going-out-biz-sales-should-start-end-week/84792816/ I'm going to snoop around. Maybe buy some new Pumas or a pair of lifting gloves since mine are coming apart.
I love sauerkraut. I keep a jar on my kitchen counter and have a few forkfuls at random throughout the day. I don't actually eat it with anything. I'm not clear if the jars you get in grocery stores are probiotic, but it seems like an easy way to get a bit of fiber throughout your day.Strangely enough it's started to make me sneeze right after I eat it.
I've read that the new DooM game is a lot of fun.
I even autographed it for you. Apparently I'm "gifted" and in the 92nd percentile. Seriously though, the fun for me is just being amused by Trump and enjoying how persuasive he is. I don't feel nearly as passionate about politics as I use to. It's my entertainment now.
Oh, hey Fredo. I'll never leave SF. I'm staying here forever.
I'm on the UC Irvine campus two days a week. It's the only real face to face exposure to SJW types I get. There seems to be a pretty large number of middle eastern students on campus relative to the surrounding area, so I assume most of them are foreign born.
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