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Little Marco was sent home crying. Back to the foam parties you go. The state of Florida just went High Energy!
How is it so many of these countries have embraced feminism to such an extreme yet they never get very angry over all this rape going on? Sweden has a high proportion of females in government and regular toy advertising, yet it's the rape capital of Europe. I can't see this happening in a more masculine society. There is something to this.
If I get back after an extended break, I start out with leg day and just destroy them. I always wake up the next morning feeling like a beast. I would not be surprised if it spikes my testosterone. A good way to start back up.
"An explicitly illustrated new website from the German Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) targeting migrants gives life lessons in sex, including different positions, prostitution, and how to engage in causal sex."http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/03/11/government-funded-website-teaches-migrants-how-to-have-sex/I wonder how many migrants can even read the pamphlets. I wonder if this idea was hatched by a man or woman. Someone in the comments sections said they...
Did anyone see this? With that tone I'm surprised he didn't kick Christie in the ass as he walked off. Christie is supposed to be the hyper aggressive gorilla in the room and Trump just talks down to him like a confused little boy.
I'm thinking of getting a rice cooker. It may lead to meal prepping. Any good rice cooker meals? I know people make a ton of stuff in them.
House of Cards makes me wonder how I'd do in politics. I think I would be good at the speeches and debates, bad at the hand shaking and baby kissing, and masterful at espionage and strategy. House of Cards also has the top 3 most uncomfortable sexual situations I've ever seen in a TV show. There was the threechum, Feng in bondage, and Clair giving the dying cancer patient a handjob.
Cut up a habanero pepper for a soup. I've accidently touched my eye and a few parts of my face since, even after washing my hands and it burns like hell.
Traveling is always difficult. If you want any sort of consistency I think you are going to have to get a few bands and learn how to work out with those. In addition to that, make your own protein bars, always pack a big bottle of fiber supplements(I never get enough fiber when I travel), and study up on what the healthiest thing you can order on any fast food menu.People shy away from bands, but hotel gyms are too inconsistent to plan for.
What's a good whey protein that is not too sweet tasting? I've used EAS chocolate, but it's too sweet for me these days.
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