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I've only been doing forearms for like 2 weeks. If you look at the anatomy it seems pretty straight forward for that one specific muscle for that one specific movement. The site I link to is pretty legit though, I'm taking their word for it.
When I was 7 years old my father gave me my first pocket knife. I instantly knew it made me a badass and my mind went wild with all these fantasies of attacking would-be evil doers. Today I wake up from a nap to find this brave little boy living the dream: Inspiring!
I've done a bit of reading on this. There are a ton of different muscles in the forearm. It's really easy to feel an intense burn with wrist curls, so I suspect that you can make noticeable gains in a relatively short amount of time. I've also read a few impressions that say overhand wrist curls can easily cause tendinitis, so I stay away from those.I also wanted to work out the muscle that's responsible for this specific movement:And this was the best I could...
I should make boiled peanuts sometime. Most of the YouTube tutorial videos on how to make them are mouth watering and entertaining!
I guess my hamstrings kind of get worked out during deadlifts. Never really understood why so many people isolate the hamstrings. They are not "sexy" muscles.
Prometheus is also one of the best examples of a live action 3D movie. Ridley Scott is one of the few directors who knows how to use it well. I agree with most of the popular criticisms of the film. That said, I thought David was an amazing character.
My mom gave some of my old toys away to some distant cousin who was poor without asking me. I found out when I went to a family event and the little shit was there playing with my old toys. I wanted to kick his teeth in and didn't talk to my mom for the rest of the day.
True, it's a southern thing. I grew up drinking it. That tea is one of those consumables you just don't see around SoCal where I live now. I bet there are people my age here who have never once had a glass of "sweet tea." People here also have no idea what boiled peanuts are.I'm surprised boiled peanuts never took off outside of the south. Seems like the kind of snack just about anyone would enjoy.
I played the multiplayer beta and it was bad. That means nothing to me though since no one really played DooM for multiplayer. The videos of single player simply look like what you'd expect a modern DooM game to look like, which is great.
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