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Starting green smoothies again. Just finished one, it was nice. I did this a while back and lost a lot of weight really fast, and I wasn't even trying to lose weight. Im starting them back up because I've been bulking and have gained too much fat, and I've also been eating poorly. This is what I have so far: -Banana -Celery -Apple -Lemon -Carrot -Lots of spinach I take it easy on the sugary stuff. The lemon and celery go a long way to make it not taste like grass. More...
I'm getting back into lifting. This time around instead of working out a part of my body so it will recover in 2-3 days, I'm trying to really max it out so that it takes 5 days to recover. My chest for example, before Id work it out, then by day 3 be ready for it again. Now it takes much longer and I absolutely destroy my chest when I go to the gym. Too soon to see any results yet. Anyone else do this? What are your opinions?
We had fajitas last night. I always use extra peppers so I can use the leftovers in an omelet. Just finished the omelet and it had the leftover peppers. Had it with the leftover salsa too.
I had a space blanket as a child. I think I ordered it from Edmund Scientific magazine. They really do keep the heat in despite how thin they are.
I liked the courtroom scene. Everyone who has done public speaking had that moment Saul had in the bathroom before hand. His speech was a good delivery of bad content, and then the VHS tape just killed all hope. I really want to see the BB eps where they meet Saul. Apparently he mentions that Saul Goodman isn't his real name, but I don't remember any of that. I think this show will take off. Gillian said the idea behind Saul is a lawyer who does anything he can to never...
I'm a Marketing Director for a tech company with ~30 employees. Marketing is extremely broad and not all of the spectrum is that creative, whatever that word means anyway. I can tell you that the highest paying marketing jobs typically are not sexy jobs. Over my career I do a lot of work that I could argue is creative, but I crunch a lot of numbers, have a lot of excel spreadsheets open on my computer at any given time, and I'd say a lot of the work I do could be compared...
I feel in the past year that a lot of posters who made great content have left. Most threads you see on any given page are not current threads, many are just mega threads made years ago. I think the Dumb Threads section kind of changed the tone of the forum and made it more of a young man's club. Most of the better posters who have left are older.
Hello friends, I think I will join the American Marketing Association. There is a local networking event or a seminar about once a month, plus lots of webinars, articles, and lots of private job listings. I will join to learn more and also to network because I'm fishing for a new job. I've been to similar events before and everyone I meet asks for a card. I get cards from people too. Sometimes I have contacted people I've gotten a card from half a year later, or years...
I dont use a padfolio, but I can tell you now that the smaller one is not likely to be practical for on the job. I use the Field Notes booklets outside of work and they are nice for recipe lists, writing down addresses, passwords, and phone numbers, but that's it; which is fine because they fit in the back pocket perfectly. At work I use the Field Notes steno pad and it's just the perfect size.
Scrolled through this thread without reading to avoid spoilers. I'm 4 or 5 episodes in and it's very engrossing. My wife and I usually listen to one as we have dinner.
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