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I'm moving to a new apt. Been in this one for 10 years. I was packing some stuff today from the media stand and behind my Sega Saturn I found my old N64. I thought I lost it, but it was in my media stand the whole time for the last 10 years.
In episode 3, what was going on when he made that deal with the other lawyer, the bald one, about the one defendant?
Starting green smoothies again. Just finished one, it was nice. I did this a while back and lost a lot of weight really fast, and I wasn't even trying to lose weight. Im starting them back up because I've been bulking and have gained too much fat, and I've also been eating poorly. This is what I have so far: -Banana -Celery -Apple -Lemon -Carrot -Lots of spinach I take it easy on the sugary stuff. The lemon and celery go a long way to make it not taste like grass. More...
I'm getting back into lifting. This time around instead of working out a part of my body so it will recover in 2-3 days, I'm trying to really max it out so that it takes 5 days to recover. My chest for example, before Id work it out, then by day 3 be ready for it again. Now it takes much longer and I absolutely destroy my chest when I go to the gym. Too soon to see any results yet. Anyone else do this? What are your opinions?
We had fajitas last night. I always use extra peppers so I can use the leftovers in an omelet. Just finished the omelet and it had the leftover peppers. Had it with the leftover salsa too.
I had a space blanket as a child. I think I ordered it from Edmund Scientific magazine. They really do keep the heat in despite how thin they are.
I liked the courtroom scene. Everyone who has done public speaking had that moment Saul had in the bathroom before hand. His speech was a good delivery of bad content, and then the VHS tape just killed all hope. I really want to see the BB eps where they meet Saul. Apparently he mentions that Saul Goodman isn't his real name, but I don't remember any of that. I think this show will take off. Gillian said the idea behind Saul is a lawyer who does anything he can to never...
I'm a Marketing Director for a tech company with ~30 employees. Marketing is extremely broad and not all of the spectrum is that creative, whatever that word means anyway. I can tell you that the highest paying marketing jobs typically are not sexy jobs. Over my career I do a lot of work that I could argue is creative, but I crunch a lot of numbers, have a lot of excel spreadsheets open on my computer at any given time, and I'd say a lot of the work I do could be compared...
I feel in the past year that a lot of posters who made great content have left. Most threads you see on any given page are not current threads, many are just mega threads made years ago. I think the Dumb Threads section kind of changed the tone of the forum and made it more of a young man's club. Most of the better posters who have left are older.
Hello friends, I think I will join the American Marketing Association. There is a local networking event or a seminar about once a month, plus lots of webinars, articles, and lots of private job listings. I will join to learn more and also to network because I'm fishing for a new job. I've been to similar events before and everyone I meet asks for a card. I get cards from people too. Sometimes I have contacted people I've gotten a card from half a year later, or years...
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