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Got my sample pack today:
Anyone have a steam controller? http://www.amazon.com/Steam-Controller-SteamOS/dp/B016KBVBCS/ref=pd_rhf_gw_p_img_12?ie=UTF8&refRID=1D96W2T11689HXBHQ9YF Amazon reviews are favorable. I've seen vids of it being used but still can't really imagine how it would feel. I would not use it for FPS, but I'd use it for stuff like Assasan's Creed, MGS 5, GTA 5, and so on. I also saw this, which looks like it would be useful:
I enjoy the endorphin high from lifting weights, the better sleep that night, and overall if I have a good workout I'll be much more relaxed over the next two days. Other than that I work out because I'm vain. I do think men are more likely to look other men over when it comes to having muscles. Women love a fit body too, but men are more conscious about it. I don't think it's sexual at all, but I think there is something primal about squaring up against another man. If I...
I just think the society is so strange. Policemen are supposed to exert their authority over the areas they patrol. They are purposefully not going in an area where they are the most needed. The narrator also describes taking in migrants as a burden, and she was attacked by them and obviously knows it's a bad idea, but she still chose that word, burden, as if it's europe's responsibility to take them in. It's like Europe is some smug girl who keeps letting her boyfriend...
You should of named him Marjan, after the toothless lion.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marjan_(lion)
This might not be online for long. It's the 60 Mins eps where they get attacked. Watch it while you can: I'm floored the police would have them go in alone. The policeman was a big guy too, tall, had body armor, and a gun. What a wimp. Also, you'd think by this point the news would know better than to send a white blond woman somewhere there is going to be a lot of muslims after what happened to Lara Logan.
Does goat whey taste like goat milk/cheese? Been watching Athlean-X videos for a while. https://www.youtube.com/user/JDCav24 I mostly watch them because he gets into the anatomy of stuff, and I assume what he says about it is true since he works in physical therapy. All that said he has no personality.
Magneto's costume looks like it was designed by a gay man for cirque du soleil.
I just got cat called by two women! I was walking back to my apartment from the hot tub shirtless. One of them said "Heeey boy!" and the other said "hey!" and waved at me, then they giggled.
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