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This is apparently video of one of the search helicopters being shot:And Putin's first response:
There's conflicting reports over it Turky or rebels killed the pilots as they were parachuting down. Here's a video of everyone celebrating around one of the pilot's bodies. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=425_1448360570
Does foam rolling actually do anything other than feel good? A lot of people seem to take it seriously, but is there any practical benefit to it?
I very rarely hear of anyone finishing the 90 days. Most who attempt don't even pay attention to all the nutritional information that comes with it. I've heard that you have to be in pretty decent shape just to start the program.
Ok, so since this post I made above, I found that a lot of other apps are useless now. This is a case of technology getting worse, not better. Think of how long a TV was useful decade after decade. My parents got a big screen TV in the mid 80s and it lasted well into the later 90s. It's not as if different channels became incompatible with the TV. Why can't this happen with tablets?This is the same reason I felt forced to upgrade my phone. I just got frozen out of so many...
That really cracks me up. Crotchety old man is right on the money. What the hell did his last answer mean?
If you are young and have no long term gf that could be "the one" and you have the discipline to work for yourself 8 hrs or more a day then start your own business. The older you get, the harder this will be to do. No matter what happens, get that recommendation letter and present it to future employers even when it's not asked. When you get laid off, take it with grace. Most of my job history was working in industries I had no passion for. Then that one job came where I...
When a woman tweezes her brows that thin you can be assured that she is low class and insane.
I don't go to the gym in the morning, but when I did work out in the mornings at my own apt complex, Id make sure to take of whatever I could the night before. That includes shampooing, shaving ect... Shampooing every morning must be hell for your hair. At Target they have empty little bottles you can put products in. I keep a small travel size bottle of MenScience face wash in my bag, and a travel size stick of deodorant.
They've started stabbing the jews. http://news.sky.com/story/1590163/jewish-teacher-stabbed-by-is-supporters
New Posts  All Forums: