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Outside of Konami, and Capcom, making licensing deals to republish retro games in any fashion is a clusterfuck of tedious detective work to find out who today owns what. Don't ask me how I know.
I'm gaining weight and forcing myself to eat more. Also my pecs look larger to me since I've been working out upper pecs more often. That said my pec development is just aesthetically lagging. I think my body just doesn't respond well to pec development the way it does to other muscle groups.
I think she sounds cute. How can be here for 20 years and have such a thick accent? Fabio is the same way, can't understand a word he says and he's been living here for a long time.
Stranger Things is great! I just watched the first episode. Child actors not being cringe worthy is rare. The kids in Pan's Labyrinth were great. All the kids in this are pretty good. I love the music of the show. The show looks expensive too, which is nice. I only watched the first episode so far. They totally nailed the whole feeling of teenage love where that boy is doing everything he can to get alone with that girl. I was the same way as a teen was rooting for him...
She's so bad at communication that she probably would do this, which would only make Trump seem more attractive to the people she would be speaking to.
I seldom use Facebook. I still don't know all the ins and outs of it and don't care to. I mostly just check it to get the dates and times for events I plan to attend. All of the thoughts people share about anything tend to be extremely shallow. I don't think these people ever read books. I think people just find these short 90 second videos or memes that create and reinforce their world view. I saw one video today with some title like "This woman DESTROYS racism in 10...
I was grinning ear to ear when I read about Omarosa this morning! For those who never saw her on The Apprentice, she is pretty much the most evil woman to grace television. I just love how bizarre all of this is. Trump enters race, destroys every competitor along the way, the VP is vetted by his children who have never worked in politics, and he gives Omarosa a job.
I swear I read some article a few months ago where they talked to some Trump staffer about his unorthodox behavior and small staff. The staffer said something to the amount of Trump could talk to a lot of advisers about a VP pick, and we could put a lot of effort into coordinating the reveal, but it might not mean anything because he doesn't necessarily listen to anyone and could just tweet it anyway without telling anyone. He sure called it.
I'm renting and will likely move soon. I spilled wine on the carpet and quickly looked up a guide to get it out. I dry blotted first, then poured water on the stain and blotted again, then rushed to the store for carpet cleaner. The stain is gone. Feels good. This is why if I'm alone I always drink wine out of a mug.
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