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I also use the Amazon Echo news brief when I brew my coffee every morning, so there is a quick 4 min summary of headlines from NPR and then BBC. The BBC's dislike for Trump really bled through too, which surprised me because their announcers usually have such a stiff upper lip to the point of being soulless. It was just in their tone when they spoke about him. They have really tightened it up though.
I've done a bit of reading on this. There are a ton of different muscles in the forearm. It's really easy to feel an intense burn with wrist curls, so I suspect that you can make noticeable gains in a relatively short amount of time. I've also read a few impressions that say overhand wrist curls can easily cause tendinitis, so I stay away from those.I also wanted to work out the muscle that's responsible for this specific movement:And this was the best I could...
All the people on the NPR Politics podcast really hate him too. Pretty good podcast all around though. I play it over my Amazon Echo as I cook dinner.
I should make boiled peanuts sometime. Most of the YouTube tutorial videos on how to make them are mouth watering and entertaining!
I guess my hamstrings kind of get worked out during deadlifts. Never really understood why so many people isolate the hamstrings. They are not "sexy" muscles.
According to the Serial podcast, this is not really looked down on because they know the POWs are forced against their will.Speaking of which, here is a gif of Jeremiah Denton, an American soldier who did such a video when he was a POW in Vietnam. He's spelling out "torture" in morse code by blinking his eyes:Also, it's not just supermodels who love this man:
Prometheus is also one of the best examples of a live action 3D movie. Ridley Scott is one of the few directors who knows how to use it well. I agree with most of the popular criticisms of the film. That said, I thought David was an amazing character.
I just can't get over the Sanders debate. This is completely unpredictable and it's such a smart move.You have to watch this video!http://www.businessinsider.com/donald-trump-elizabeth-warren-pocahontas-mouth-2016-5
My mom gave some of my old toys away to some distant cousin who was poor without asking me. I found out when I went to a family event and the little shit was there playing with my old toys. I wanted to kick his teeth in and didn't talk to my mom for the rest of the day.
New Posts  All Forums: