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You think you'll have any need for an erection if you're bald?
Read this:, there are studies that show tongkat ali to increase test naturally.Why don't you want to take finasteride? I've been taking it since I was 24 and I'm now 31 with no side effects and a full head of hair. I say take it, why not? If not, or if you want to try it in conjunction with finasteride, rogaine works.
I can't wait to try out all those little VR experiences which are not games like the Salvador Dali VR. This is also a great idea, a recreation of Deckard's apartment from Blade Runner: And just imagine what kind historical events could be recreated. Imagine using VR to get a taste of what it was like to be on the Titanic when it was sinking, or walk around Penn Station before they tore it down.
Looks like a fun little game. I read it's like a 3rd person Far Cry in the sense that you take over territory, plus you get to customize your car. This video was really tense. Impressive stuff. I'm totally ok with people trying to rip off Last Of Us.
I got the wireless Xbox One controller for my PC. I think it feels really great. I'm finishing up GTAV and should be done with that soon. I really want to play the Mad Max game but it's still $60. I think I'll work through the Walking Dead games and just wait for Mad Max to go on sale.
I had one, lost her in a breakup. It was very sad too because the cat loved me more than she loved my ex. I'm changing apartments soon and if I can have a cat after that I'll get one. I'm thinking a Main Coon cat or Scottish Fold.
I wish I had a cat. Post pics?
There are plenty of cost effective options to keep your hair. I never understood why people let it get so bad before they want to do something about it. I started propecia ASAP when I realized I was losing some when I was 24 and get compliments on my hair all the time now that I'm 31. I think you're on the razor's edge of needing it shorter. I'd get a good thickening shampoo and try propecia and rogain as a combo for a few months just to see what your body is capable of...
I can totally see Koreans and Chinese cutting their children's arms and hands off to give them bionic arms so they can play the piano better. It's going to happen. Mark my words.
It really annoys me that Amazon mixes their paid content in with their Prime content. I'm sure that's the reason why everyone under uses their service. I've been wanting to watch Mr. Robot for some time. I see in the news it's on Amazon and I'm happy. Then find out you have to pay like $3 per episode and I'm a Prime member. I'm going to cause such a scene if I ever see Jeff Bezos at a trade show.
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