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So the news today is saying that there will be 3 younger leads, with some "very familiar faces" and it's set 30 years before The Empire Strikes Back. If it's 30 years before tESB, then how many years is that before A New Hope? Also, if it's in the past like that, I assume we will not see the old actors? But the news articles also bring up the rumors about Hamill, Ford, and Fisher reprising their old roles. A former coworker had Mark Hamill visit his college once. He said...
I think Tyreese is horrible. He's either confused/concerned or angry. Even though it's not current, Shane was an awful actor and he lingered for too long. His bad acting was not only in his voice, but you could see it in his face and body language. The worst part is that he lived so much longer in the show than he did the comics. Rick's character is acted averagely well, but different in a way that makes the character less likable. He draws his words out in a way that's...
I liked the episode the more that I thought about it. I agree, Melissa McBride is the best in the series. Her character is the only one who could have done that, but with so much compassion. Everyone around her sucks at acting, but it was a better episode in an otherwise boring season.
I just upgraded from an iPhone 3gs to a 5c. With the 3gs I was prohibited from a lot of apps. What kind of games are worth checking out now that I can get anything. Nothing too serious, just simple fun for 10-15 mins.
I think the last episode was well done. I'm satisfied. This was a great show. I thought going into it I thought there could be any mix of outcomes as far as Marty's and Rust's death. The fight scene was very intense. When Errol lifted Rust off his feet, I was sure he would die. Then I thought for sure both would die after the axe stuck in Marty's chest. I was on the edge of my seat.
The spoof that the guy from The Soup rang true. I couldn't figure out half the stuff Rust said when he talked about the stars and the torrent I have doesn't have subs. I thought the last episode was handled well. They take out the mystery by pretty much confirming the lawnmower man in the opening and just get on with the show. You knew it was going to get scary as soon as you heard the dog die. My sound was in stereo and the lawnmower man's voice shifted from different...
I work in marketing and have an old stats textbook on my desk. I tried to look up something Friday but was no able to find it because I forgot the name. Basically, it's a way to analyze a queue. I remember in college this was tested by telling you that there were 4 ticket counters. Each counter could process X number of people over a given time. Then you figure out how many ticket counters are needed for a given amount of people. The teacher said they use this for stuff...
Thanks for all that iamacyborg. I reviewed all that before an interview soon after you posted it. Everyone has a few days left to beta test the SpyFu AdWords advisor: http://www.spyfu.com/recon/ppc/?gclid=COn-9qKBgL0CFbQWMgod9GkAsA I got a few PDF reports on a few sites I manage. It seems like actionable stuff.
The VHS footage creeped me the hell out. I can't wait for the final eps. I want to watch the whole season again. There are just so many details.
Do not shave them. The stubble is horrible. Use nair. I do it every 3 weeks or so, for 8 mins then hop in the shower. I've been doing this for the past 12 years. It's a lot more hygienic, and who sees your underarms anyway?
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