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Not entirely true. I went home and started flexing in the bathroom mirror before I bragged about it on SF.
A girl told me I looked like a Calvin Klein model. On the spur of the moment I replied "So you're saying I look gay?" She thought it was funny. I'm so charming, good looking, and witty sometimes it just kills me.
This has to be the best political "fuck you!" letter I've seen. Mad man! Can't stump the Trump! #MAGA
This is so risky there should not even be an attempt.Make a stand alone Obi-Wan movie, or Boba Fett movie. Han Solo is just too correlated with Harrison Ford. Getting it right out be a 1 in 100 chance. Only character portrayal I've seen to pull it off was Hannibal lecter.
I'm seriously interested in there are 50 tracking codes on this site. I work in marketing. There's no way you can use them all, and some of them seem redundant. Like you have a google analytics code, and also a yahoo analytics code. No one uses both. Did you want all these installed, or just install them as a "package?"
Gibonius, what would you do if you were the czar of immigration for America? Would favor people from some countries over others? Would you accept syrian refugees? Would you build a wall separating the USA from Mexico? Would you tear what little wall we have on the border down? How would you handle these issues?
Dead wrong. It's also a bit weak to cry white supremacy when someone wants more immigration control. That's the kind of rebuttal I'd expect from a college student.I'm in SoCal. I'm fine living in a diverse society. But some cultures are better than others and I don't want muslims living around me or my loved ones. You just have to read european news to see why. My views on mexican immigration are pretty liberal.Also, the correlation between guns and homicide is not nearly...
Machines don't reduce labor?So what's happening with all these places that have kiosks. Do business owners just buy these machines without reducing any labor? If that was the case you'd simply never see them.I'm not saying my way to keeping muslims out is perfect. I just said it's better than the status quo. Tell me how you would keep them out if it was up to you.
Not sure what you are getting at. Are you making a point that muslim immigrants are no more likely to commit terrorist attacks, rape ect than non muslim immigrants? If you let in 10,000 people Syria Vs. 10,000 people from Mexico would both groups have the same likelihood of committing terrorist attacks or leaving to go fight for ISIS?
I can see how less illegal immigrants would make it difficult for some businesses to run in the short term. I can't help but think a lot of jobs can just be replace with machines. Not all jobs or course(hotel maid is a good example), but a lot. The $15 minimum wage idea is becoming more and more popular. Now you go to a taco bell and put your order in a touch screen with zero human interaction. Self-checkout stations are springing up at Target. Farming tractors today are...
New Posts  All Forums: