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I'm in SoCal, not the bay area, but I think that a narrow majority of the hispanics there are likely citizens but just about every illegal in the area was on a mission to show up and riot. I'd bet anything that a large majority of those who have a Mexican flag are not citizens. Of all the hispanics I know who were born American I can't imagine a single one of them doing anything like waving around a Mexican flag.
Compilation video with dramatic music, but there is some new footage in this one of them chasing a policeman off and an old man at the end of the video with a bloodied face. This stuff will not stop leading up to November. This is not only going to change a lot of opinions on the wall, but deportation in general. The visuals of hispanics ganging up on all these white people while waving the American flag around and destroying property are just too powerful. Any normal...
Here's another Trump supporter getting attacked over and over: https://twitter.com/JoePerticone/status/738565044712017921?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw Lots of pics here. Apparently the protesters poured into the parking garage of the convention center so they could vandelize the cars of people trying to leave: https://twitter.com/juliacarriew
Looks like violent behavior this time was more severe than it has been in the past. Packs of violent minorities are overwhelmingly attacking white people. Remember two months ago when the narrative was how violent Trump supporters are? Here's one guy hitting a Trump supporter with a bag full of rocks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmBXNE8gZvI And a white man running away from a violent pack of...
Can't say I know what you mean by your description, but I'm interested. Could you please find a picture of what you're talking about?
I've only been doing forearms for like 2 weeks. If you look at the anatomy it seems pretty straight forward for that one specific muscle for that one specific movement. The site I link to is pretty legit though, I'm taking their word for it.
Yeah, I'd kind of consider myself half-assed watered down libertarian, but there are so many nutjobs who call themselves libertarians who just completely want to drop out from society.
When I was 7 years old my father gave me my first pocket knife. I instantly knew it made me a badass and my mind went wild with all these fantasies of attacking would-be evil doers. Today I wake up from a nap to find this brave little boy living the dream: http://kotaku.com/7-year-old-kid-punches-armed-gamestop-robber-1779970347 Inspiring!
I can't stand seeing those babies with the deformed heads. It really freaks me out whenever it pops up on the news.
I absolutely love it!Truth be told I was never really excited to get it. I just figured it would be a nice little thing to spend money on, but I use it so consistently that I can't imagine not having it. I set timers when cooking, convert measurements, set alarms for when I take a nap, play all kinds of music, and the news brief updates multiple times a day. I also connect it to my phone with bluetooth to play podcasts.There are many more functions, but I only use it for...
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