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I hate reading cursive. I'd type it and sign it with blue ink.
I'm 3 eps into Bloodline and I don't recommend it. The guy who plays the black sheep brother is good, but that's it. The writing is lazy. And every episode they have some scene near the end that has zero context, but you know it will be clear the more you watch. They have done this kind of lazy teasing in every episode so far. 3 hrs into this and you can kind of barely see a hint at a plot. It's so fucking slow. Im going to watch 1 more eps then decide. I'm also pretty...
Absolutely everything about the trailer looks better, more inspired, and more like Star Wars than anything about the Eps I-III trilogy.
Your theory is probably correct. I would be ok with this simply because it's a better outcome than I would have hoped for.
Lot's a women out there like Meagan and her mother. It's scary. Don seems to connect with the waitress, but she's such an unhappy person. I hope he doesn't end up with her. I loved how Harry tried to do damage control by saying Meagan was unstable, but Don knew exactly what happened the whole time.
Why LA county? There are other places of CA that would feel better for the show. I loved how they captured how weird Louisiana was in season 1. Other good locations would be the keys, Ozarks, and Alaska.
Also, from BB:
Really great acting when Jimmy got very flustered when he was denied the office/job in the boardroom.
I watch a lot of the older episodes. I can't count how many times I've seen the show where everyone in the office is on amphetamines. That eps seemed to get a mixed response here.Edit: Really, if I'm in the zone at work everything seems to have that sense of haste. That one episodes makes me wonder what it would be like if that went on for 24 hrs or more and with more intensity than I'm in when I'm in the zone sober. I cant think of a single piece of media that made me...
I liked the episode. It just had a narrow focus. No much going on save for Don and Cosgrove. I can't see Peggy's date being that important, and they have already done enough with Joan sexualizing herself and how that works out Vs. Peggy. She was dressed more conservatively after the elevator talk with Peggy. At first, I thought the woman in the diner might have been that one secretary Don slept with, then she quit saying "You're not a nice person." They gave Merideth a...
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