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Ok, so since the movie came out I have not read anything about it, and have even avoided being social with a few friends just to avoid spoilers, and also general opinion of the movie. I just watched the movie. Here are a few random thoughts: Ray is too good at everything. It was ridiculous how her Jedi mind tricks worked on her second attempt ever, she could pilot a ship the way she did, and she was correcting Han Solo on the mechanics of the millennium falcon. Kylo Ren...
Been working out more. Walked back from apt complex hot tub in just my trunks. Some woman looked me up and down then smiled at me. I said nothing, went in my apt and flexed in the mirror all proud of myself
How do you bow out of something like being a big brother, even after putting in decent time?
Even though they are very ugly, sitting in a la-z-boy for an extended time is nice. If I spent a lot of time in a desk setup it would be to make my desk la-z-boy friendly.
I'm a huge Kojima fan. That said, Id be afraid to employ him because he's a loose cannon. I read one article that said when he joined Konami in the 80's he was one of the few people in his department who did not code. This set him apart and he was bullied. On top of this he always felt like his dream job was never in reach, which was to be a film maker. He said the Japanese economy was to blame for this. What this made was a very angsty adult who is apparently kind of an...
I was a Marketing Manager in solar. It's a very strange business. So much of solar is backed up by politics and government money, and there are low barriers to entry in the industry. What this spawns is business that has some money in it, but there is less incentive to weed out the idiots. I was in it when I was a lot younger and there were people above me in the company that felt insecure just because I had been to college. My story is not unique either. I've met many...
Berserk I was a huge fan of it in high school. I've kind of outgrown it now, but I've had that avatar since forever and I'd feel guilty if I ever changed it.
I think it came out in 92. At the time a lot of products were going "clear" because it was a trend. I was in grade school when it came out and everyone at school wanted to try it. I still remember the first gas station I saw it in. It was only out for a short time then it just vanished. It's had a "following" since and it's always one of those 90's references that a lot of people get.
I entered the contest to win the new run of Crystal Pepsi. They are giving away 13K 6-packs to contest winners. I entered 5 times and you can only enter today, so I think my chances are pretty good. I think I'll drink all but one bottle.
As an expert LARPer, the the swordfighting in that asian clip is bogus. This is somewhat realistic:
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