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He's pissed in this one: Trump is delaying his VP announcement. He said on fox that the Nice attack would not affect his choice, but I wonder if he will go with Flynn now.
Think something's wrong with her? Just listen to her labored voice and all the coughing. She sounds spaced out.
I saw the Nobel video. If I was one of those cops I'd think at several points before shots were fired that Nobel would try to kill me. I think he wanted to die. Can't imagine what would be going through his mind if he wanted to live and refused to show his hands.
Great video so far. So at 9:45 at the "current guidelines" slides when it lists hypertrophy does that basically mean "getting big?" And is there really difference is muscle size and muscle strength?
Getting the extra XP by trying to do a curveball in pokemon go is not worth the loss of pokeballs. I just ran out and it brings the game a hault.
As far as I remember, there was no evidence conflicting with anything Zimmerman says in this video where he's with cops at the scene again. I think just about anyone in that situation would have shot Martin.
Start listening at around 6:00 and read the comments.
Lost gains after two recent bouts of sickness. Tomorrow I'll go to a pool party. I'm the only guy going who works out with any consistency. Still cursing the day because I wish I was more swole. I turn 32 next month and really want to reach some kind of aesthetic peak before age makes it too difficult.
https://twitter.com/HillaryClinton/status/751542474972291072 Ok, thanks Hillary...
I don't think anything will shake off the irrational hatred of cops from black people. Even if you meet black people who were raised in well off homes in nice areas and have gone to college, never had a run-in with the law, there's always this weird reality distortion where they fully believe that cops are out to hunt them down and just itching to murder them, the government created AIDS to kill black people, the illuminati in entrenched in the music industry, all that...
New Posts  All Forums: