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I just got home from a 6 day visit with my family in GA and I start a new job on Monday. Also today is my 32nd birthday. I have no family here in SoCal other than an evil sister I never talk to. Visiting my family was wonderful and it makes me almost a little sad that I landed a job in here in SoCal. I should have moved to GA and found a job there.
If there was ever a prime candidate for GOMAD, you're it.
I use to be the director of marketing for a company in the gaming industry. Without giving too much away, my department had the task of finding out who currently owned a bunch of 8-16 bit retro games and negotiate licensing deals. I expected the project to take some time and prioritized the list of games I would go after and gave it to one of my team members who had a ton of historical knowledge about the industry. Not much progress was made so I decided to spend a bit of...
I've been working out long enough to get a general sense of what my body responds well to, and to know what exercises to use. I just really don't think my pecs respond very well by genetics but I want to push through it for aesthetics. I've been spending more time on my upper pecs and I'm just beginning to see more of a rounded appearance. Also, I've mostly used dumbbells and cables for pecs. Two days ago I used machines, which a lot of people discourage because they don't...
Never cooked with thai chilis before. I put a whole green one in with some stir-fry. Put it in with the oile when I wanted to brown the garlic before throwing other things in. It did not have much of an impact on flavor. What's a good chili to use for stir fry?
Outside of Konami, and Capcom, making licensing deals to republish retro games in any fashion is a clusterfuck of tedious detective work to find out who today owns what. Don't ask me how I know.
I'm gaining weight and forcing myself to eat more. Also my pecs look larger to me since I've been working out upper pecs more often. That said my pec development is just aesthetically lagging. I think my body just doesn't respond well to pec development the way it does to other muscle groups.
Stranger Things is great! I just watched the first episode. Child actors not being cringe worthy is rare. The kids in Pan's Labyrinth were great. All the kids in this are pretty good. I love the music of the show. The show looks expensive too, which is nice. I only watched the first episode so far. They totally nailed the whole feeling of teenage love where that boy is doing everything he can to get alone with that girl. I was the same way as a teen was rooting for him...
I'm renting and will likely move soon. I spilled wine on the carpet and quickly looked up a guide to get it out. I dry blotted first, then poured water on the stain and blotted again, then rushed to the store for carpet cleaner. The stain is gone. Feels good. This is why if I'm alone I always drink wine out of a mug.
Great video so far. So at 9:45 at the "current guidelines" slides when it lists hypertrophy does that basically mean "getting big?" And is there really difference is muscle size and muscle strength?
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