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I've had a lot of fun ever since I got this:http://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0012DNFP6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1It's a neodymium magnet. The pull force is 140 lbs(pure iron). No one in the office guessed how powerful it was. I would show them the magnet, then motion to the filing cabinet and tell them see how strong it is. Everyone is very surprised and scared when the magnet slams into the cabinet. I do it whenever we get a new employee too. I keep...
I will buy the game when the Oculus CV1 comes out.
I meant LA as in Louisiana. But yes, it's better that S2 will take place in the lesser known parts of CA.
I went on a weekend trip to TX. On the flight back I got some Mexican jumping beans. These things are absolutely amazing and the most fun I've had in years. I got two boxes of beans. Everyone in the office was interested in them. When I purchased the beans I got a paper that detailed bean care, and on the reverse side had a bean race grid. Each player picks a lucky bean. There is an inner circle where all the player's beans are placed, then an outer circle broken up into...
I don't have a good feeling about the actors, but I am willing to wait and see. I don't see this being as enjoyable as S1 mostly because it's in California. While CA can be in interesting state, no state in the union has that weird other worldly feeling like LA.
I was reflecting on my career on my drive home today. Since I was a kid I've always wanted to be a "Business Man." I drove home today after a stressful day of work. I met a lot of deadlines and made good progress for my department, and everything had measurable impacts on the company. It felt good. I'm a happily married man. Several girls in the office have a crush on me. It's flattering.
There is a lot of talk that Disney will e-release the unaltered trilogy. http://www.mania.com/star-wars-original-unaltered-trilogy-coming-to-bluray_article_140318.html Han shot first!
My wife got a new job and I just found out that she will have to spend a week away in Aug, and 2 weeks away in Sept for training. This is depressing.
Decent? It was the most fun I've had watching a movie in years! I've seen it about 4 times, which is rare for me. Everyone should watch it.
For the Steam Sale, I think State of Decay is an extremely underrated game. It's an action-RPG 3rd person open world zombie game with RPG elements. There is perma-death so if you die, you assume your choice of someone else in your base of survivors. The game gives an unreal sense of suspense. You can be out gathering supplies and get in a fight, but slowly you realize that a few more zombies that came to your location might change the sway of the fight. Do you stay and...
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