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Started my new job. In the past few months I've been working out more so I started in pretty good shape. Every girl at work has a crush on me. Feels good.
The Roger/Peggy scene was great. The scene was well within both of their characters, and it was 100% fan service. It was a ridiculous situation but never felt forced. I'm really going to miss this show. This is my favorite TV show ever. Is it anyone else's favorite show?
What thing would that be?
Same for me. If I had to do it, Id let Anakin get into his 40s before he became Darth Vader. I could never imagine him in the Darth Vader suit as a young man. He also could have walked and started gesturing like Darth Vader leading up to the point when he became Darth Vader.
I can imagine the writers sitting down and making a basic archetype for every character. "Ok, this one brother, he's a hothead. He gets angry all the time. The other brother, he's the responsible one. He wants everyone in the family to be harmonious. And the sister, she has needs something to hide...lets have her have an affair."And from that, you have one brother who is angry in like 60% of the scenes he is in. I watched the 4th episode, and he only has two scenes where...
Here in SoCal a lot of young hip tech companies will let people drink beer at work. Drinking at work, or getting a drink during lunch isn't that taboo of a thing if you work for a Chinese owned company either. I think it's best if it's not a normal thing. While it might be nice to mellow out at work a bit, other people get more obnoxious even with a small amount of alcohol, and everyone becomes slow.
So the last time I dled GoT my ISP scolded me. Any safe way to do so? I want to download them so I can get them on Plex.
It's been so long, but I think Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan were among the first casting choices to be announced. And they were very good choices IMO. I also think they just released stills before they ever had a trailer. I think I was 13 or 14 when the movie came out and I didn't like it very much. It really bugged me that there was so much GCI and the ships and sets were impeccably clean and polished.
I also think it meant something that Joan had a problem when she went to McCann and immediately went to someone higher up on the food chain to solve it for her. She might not have been sexually suggestive, but she was still playing a damsel in distress role and getting men to solve her problems for her. When Peggy was told about the flowers and how they still did not have her office, she was angry and said "Does Don know about this?" and the other woman said "No, would...
I don't think the guy's pitch in the Miller meeting was good at all. He sounded more like a lazy televangelist rather than someone insightful. And the line about how the man "likes his dog (planned pause...) because he doesn't talk(planned chuckle" was awful. The delivery was not smooth at all, and that's not why men like dogs. Don also cringed when the one McCann guy did an impersonation of Don. Not because it was a bad impersonation, but because it was a childish thing...
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