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My genetics are pretty good. I have skinny genetics, so it's easy for me to lose weight, but I lift so what bulk I do get stands out. I'm also taller than some. I have a full head of hair, but I take propecia. I'm white, and reap all the privilege for that too, especially in a place like SoCal. When I was in 7th grade I looked up the average penis size online and found out that even though I was 13 I had the average adult sized dick. It's grown since obviously. I'm a...
I made chili last night. It took 20 mins of work and I had dinner that night, and lunch for the next 5 days. Chili freezes amazingly well too, so Id say meal prep chicken for 3 days, and break it up with chili or something else that freezes.Tons of chili recipes out there, but I use the taco seasoned ground turkey for mine, and they have pre-made spice kits so you dont have to measure everything. I just a shot glass and a half of that, along with a few things to taste.I've...
Be specific. Who said this, and what is this forum/user?
Here's a video of me LARPing: I'm the one wearing black. Some of my fights are up at: 0:10 8:00 12:17 13:45
I like her. If you see her more candid on talk shows or her short lived reality show she seems like a fun and thoughtful person.
Carpet in a place like that seems strange. Why did you choose carpet? Must be hell on the vacuum.
So apparently the final photo of him was taken just a few days before his death and he was out in a suit smiling. He also face timed someone(Brian Eno?) a week before his death saying he wanted to make another album after Blackstar. Does cancer really snuff people out unexpectedly like that? He believed he had more time but was dead just days later. I thought people with cancer were bedridden for some time before their death.
Why can't this type of UI be normal? I can't stand the Netflix UI.
NPR of all places got to do some kind of Star Wars radio show. I'm surprised I did not hear about it until recently. I've heard sound clips and it sounded awful.
Very sad. I've listed to his music while deciding some of the most important decisions of my life. I really like his new album too, as well as the one before. He's always been a style icon for me. I never liked concerts, but told myself I'd only go to two, Bjork and Bowie. I saw Bjork. I'll never see Bowie.
New Posts  All Forums: