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So if it's not 50/50 it's sexist?
You guys should check out Lena Heady's twitter. She posts goofy pictures of herself and she's cool as fuck. https://twitter.com/IAMLenaHeadey/media
Tywin and The Viper were the best casting choices of the whole show. Cersei and Joffrey are the runner ups. Come to think of it, the casting for the whole show is pretty good. That's saying alot considering how many colorful characters there are. Even characters who differ a lot from how they are in the books turned out well.
Dave Letterman had something like this for Clinton. I think it was around the mid 2000s, but he spent a few weeks having a short segment in each show where he would recycle an old Bill Clinton blowjob joke that he used over 10 years ago. The audience never got tired of it. Anyway, Obama has been kind of lame. He continued a lot of the things Bush was criticized for. Despite Obamacare being one of larger accomplishments of his administration, I was never passionate about...
This is the most comfortable underwear I've ever worn. Puts it all out there like a trophy too: http://smile.amazon.com/C-IN2-Profile-Brief-Heather-Medium/dp/B007G11NT8?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00 I don't like the fabric of the Uniqlo underwear. Never understood underwear that isn't made of cotton.
NPR said there was no term limit on VP. How cool would it be if Trump chose Joe Biden as his VP? It would be a great gesture to show that he wants to "get along" with people, and even though we all make fun of Biden, he's a real likable character. This next 8 years is going to be so much fun!
After he finishes his 8 years in the white house, I hope he writes a dating guide for men. 2012
Jesus fucking christ... https://shop.hillaryclinton.com/products/the-woman-card https://shop.hillaryclinton.com/products/deck-of-woman-cards
The hispanics here in California are becoming very violent and uncivilized during these protests. Look at the lawlessness of this crowd as they surround these two peaceful white people: Very scary
Was so excited to go to the gym because I'm now over my long streak of sickness from flu, then bronchitis. Every fucking bench and machine I could have used was taken up. All the weights were mixed up, all over the floor, and some missing. It was so damn frustrating. I started to do shoulders but then had shoulder pain. I left early. The trip was a total dud. The weights are all over the fucking floor too. I'm the only white person at my gym and I worked in a gym back as...
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