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I want to watch this last episode again. Everyone was on their game, lots of team work, and in the end, everyone failed. Don was interrupted in the middle of a pitch and told to sit down. I really got a kick out of Lou calling Don to show off and insult Don, and Don not caring one bit. That's how little he thinks of Lou. That was one fight scene where I was rooting for Pete. "The Kind ordered it!" *punch*
I recently bought a mattress. I had my heart set on innerspring because I had a bad impression about memory foam. I was won over by a memory foam mattress because apparently they had gotten a hell of a lot better in recent years. No more chemical smell, and they don't sleep as hot. I know purchasing a mattress would be confusing, so I subscribed to Consumer Reports. Let me just say their way of testing the mattresses is solid, and not subjective at all. Here is an image...
The Silk brand almond milk is far too thick.
Don't buy it for PC though. The port was horrible.
Glenn watched Betty on the toilet and would not leave until she got up to shoo him out. That same night he asked for a lock of her hair and she gave it to him. Glenn's mother found out about the hair and did not want them seeing each other. I think there was also a time when Betty was inching up to a divorce, kind of freaking out and saw Glenn in a parked car and started crying to him, but without telling him about the affair. When Glenn was a tween and Betty saw that he...
Thought that was interesting. I don't think Don was into her, but I think he enjoyed being admired. I also buy Don's excuse for not wanting to embarrass her since she was acting like a dumb teenager, but damn that's an awkward situation!
I really enjoyed this episode. I think it's shaping up to show that Don is just a shell of man and has nothing to prove for it. The realtor lady saw right through him as a lonely man, the creative pretty much said Don can get away with things only because he's handsome. Now he's left with no family and he doesn't even have his impressive apartment. When he did have those things they never made him happy anyway.Also, who else thinks that if Glenn tried to kiss Betty when he...
I hate reading cursive. I'd type it and sign it with blue ink.
I'm 3 eps into Bloodline and I don't recommend it. The guy who plays the black sheep brother is good, but that's it. The writing is lazy. And every episode they have some scene near the end that has zero context, but you know it will be clear the more you watch. They have done this kind of lazy teasing in every episode so far. 3 hrs into this and you can kind of barely see a hint at a plot. It's so fucking slow. Im going to watch 1 more eps then decide. I'm also pretty...
Absolutely everything about the trailer looks better, more inspired, and more like Star Wars than anything about the Eps I-III trilogy.
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