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In general I've forced myself to be more extroverted and this weekend I felt like I've had a lot of proof of my gains. Friday night I was out till 2am for a friend's birthday. Last night I was out until 1am for karaoke, which I've never done before, and today I was invited to an exhibit in LA but decided not to go because I have a lot of chores. I get invited to stuff all the time now and many people enjoy being around me. Never thought I could say that even just a year...
Too tinfoil-hatty? There's also that pic of two men helping her walk up stairs. This was the front page of Drudge all day: This is just odd, same guy but I have no real conclusions about the video.
Ever since I was a child I always thought cigarette smoking looked stylish. I'm surprised I've never taken it up. I smoke pipe tobacco about once a month though and love it. It's the most relaxing way to spend time thinking.
They just sounded the big alarm with flashing lights around the weight area. It reminds of when on Pee Wee's Playhouse someone would say the secret word. I wasn't angry or anything, but it's ridiculous they have the slogan "No critics!" and "No Judgment!" plastered up everywhere. They also removed squat racks from all their gyms because they thought it would be intimidating to guests.
Oh, that reminds me. I was traveling this past week and used a Planet Fitness. I set off the "lunk alarm" when I dropped weights after a tough set, but I did not even drop them more than a foot.
Why do people play Risk? I got invited to a game tonight, starts at 9pm. People who I enjoy being around will attend. But the game always lasts until midnight or 1am. Why can't they play Clue or Master Mind? Risk always goes on for too long and it's so boring. If I was invited over to move furniture, which everyone hates doing, Id be more likely to go than to play Risk.
Assange seems in good spirits. I remember reading a few articles some time ago about him kind of going crazy being trapped in the embassy. He was caught in places he was restricted from, people would hear him yelling and screaming, and he would violently knock stuff over.
What are those spouts that are white on the stem with pale yellow beans that come with Korean food when they put those little bowls out? They are usually covered in some kind of oil. What do you call that?
I just got home from a 6 day visit with my family in GA and I start a new job on Monday. Also today is my 32nd birthday. I have no family here in SoCal other than an evil sister I never talk to. Visiting my family was wonderful and it makes me almost a little sad that I landed a job in here in SoCal. I should have moved to GA and found a job there.
Trump should not have made that statement. Russia would release the emails regardless. I'd guess that they would release them a week before the first debate. Having them leak and rule the headlines for a week, then having a brutal debate will go a long way to keep her head below water and really set the tone for the general election. HBO needs to make a show about this election. Everything is so exciting!
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