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Decent? It was the most fun I've had watching a movie in years! I've seen it about 4 times, which is rare for me. Everyone should watch it.
For the Steam Sale, I think State of Decay is an extremely underrated game. It's an action-RPG 3rd person open world zombie game with RPG elements. There is perma-death so if you die, you assume your choice of someone else in your base of survivors. The game gives an unreal sense of suspense. You can be out gathering supplies and get in a fight, but slowly you realize that a few more zombies that came to your location might change the sway of the fight. Do you stay and...
I have this: http://www.uniqlo.com/us/men/tops/casual-shirts/premium-linen-short-sleeve/men-linen-cotton-check-short-sleeve-shirt-127813.html#64 The fit is large and baggy, and after the first wash the form is all warped and mangled. I don't think I can return it so I'm just going to keep it as a weekend hiking shirt, it's linen after all.
Can't wait! This was easily my favorite part in the whole book series. I'll be watching with spiced wine for the full experience.
My company has hundreds of products and over a thousand active customers. I would like an easy at-a-glance way to know how their sales are changing period to period. I can see the rate of change from Q1-Q2, and Q2-Q3 and so on, but it's a lot to look at, and it's not elegant, and I also cant use it for this heat map service to visualize growth/loss. I'm sure there is a better way.I need something that a single cell can contain that is a good metric for overall growth/loss...
I really like Burt's character. It's hard to write someone who's very intelligent, but always has very simplistic views on everything. Found this:
That's a nice link. First pair is my favorite.
I have this problem too. Though I think it got better after the first episode. I couldn't understand over half of what he was saying in that one. I think someone sat Madds down to have a talk about it.
This is pretty good: https://twitter.com/ZooHannibal "We love watching them feed the sea lions for the same reason that we love our fathers. The only alternative is terror." "Your quarter doesn't buy you a handful of food for the billy goat. It buys the forgiveness of all the billy goats you are unable to feed." "If you were to escape, tortoise, you would be forgotten almost immediately, invisible. It is your enclosure that makes you a god."
At a new company, need to work with data, all the customer information is all out of order. I have 1K+ "active" customers, 377 have all their cells filled in, and with those 377 customers it's all over the place. The customers in England are listed as UK, the UK, United Kingdom, the united kingdom. I can get that sorted out, but that's such a small % of the list. Most entries have an address field that has all the information dumped into it, but nothing in the city or...
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