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Ford looks good because he's always been good looking, didn't get fat, and kept his hairline. That said every time I see him in an interview I get the sense he just wants to walk out into the woods and die. It's not that he seems depressed, he just seems like he's so tired and uninterested in everything. Everything is a chore. I bet that's why he is into airplanes. It reminds me of how Bruce Wayne was in The Dark Knight comic when he's an old man and just recklessly...
I think it might have been NPR, but they had a segment on psychopaths who have done very well in business. They found some old man who, in his day, made a ton of money and had this sadistic glee for firing people. When the interviewer went to his home, had taxidermized predatory animals all around his home. I always thought that was amazing. If I was to seduce anyone, Id rather be surrounded by taxidermized predatory animals than swords.
I am too. The doc has no real direction to it. It's like he just sits down and talks about random stuff. That said, just hearing Keith Richards talking is just soothing to me. That man knows how to enjoy life and it feels uplifting to watch. My advice to anyone thinking of watching it is to save it for when you are feeling blue.
That's a happy story. Pets can be an amazing comfort.
I always that red guy, name starts with a Z, had a great costume. Also suprised that made it on a kids show because I think it kind of looks like exposed muscle. The woman who played Rida died.
I have a few ideas. First and foremost, try and be focused about who you will sell to. Is it going to be the average person who wants something sent to his mother, or is a business who wants to send a promotion to his customers for their birthdays and holidays? It should have a focus. Look at what flower sites are doing. Their business is all based on events. They sell on the regular holidays that are predictable, but they are also very cleaver at marketing to you for...
I like Tibor's posts too. Context would be nice. Where do you source everything?
New James Bond comic coming out. Sound's really nice:http://www.theguardian.com/books/2015/jul/07/james-bond-comics-warren-ellis-brutal-dynamite-jason-masters
Link it
Cyclists on the road. I can't stand these people. I just want to roll down my window and say "No one wants you here!" They all have really unattractive bodies too and dress in goofy clothing. I have never seen a single one who's ass I couldn't kick. You really have to be an asshole to slow down all these people in cars behind you. I think if I ever hit one Id just speed off and leave him for dead. If it was anyone else, even if they were walking in the road I think I'd...
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