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I'd watch Dave Letterman with my dad when I was growing up. I think that's why I have such a warped sense of humor.
Yeah, that statement will not go well for him.
Drying stresses the fabir much more than washing, that's for sure. Most dryers have an "air dry" setting meaning it uses a gentle tumble and does not use hot air. That's the way to go for clothing. Use heat for stuff like towels, sheets, socks/underwear, and to fluff pillows. Hard to imagine not having a dryer, it will simplify your life the same way a dishwasher will. Also, never use fabric softener, scented detergents, and have one detergent specifically made for dark...
This is literally the only reason I never believed the rumors when they first came out.
I love how he makes Anderson Cooper read it! Here is video of her being thrown to the ground: This is not the first time she was savagely assaulted and thrown to the ground. http://dailycaller.com/2011/11/17/daily-caller-reporter-videographer-assaulted-by-nypd-during-occupy-protests/
I can't help but think it would be a better choice to have them shown together since these allegations came out. That would be the top priority if I was running the campaign. I don't think stumping is the real reason, and if it was why changed the schedule today? It would have been planned long before.
Aaaand Heidi stopps showing up to Cruz events: http://nypost.com/2016/03/29/cruz-campaign-cancels-heidis-new-york-appearances/ http://www.capitalnewyork.com/article/new-jersey/2016/03/8595008/heidi-cruz-cancels-nj-campaign-events I'm surprised this is happening. I never would have suspected Cruz to have any affairs since everyone who comes in contact with him hates him.
What's wrong with wanting just a little bit more white privilege?
I just returned from the good doctor. The days of 2% have ended. My metamorphosis into a a living breathing Patrick Nagel painting begins tonight!
I'm playing Bioshock Infinite for the first time now. I'm really enjoying it! I think the world is very imaginative. It kind of reminds me of Disneyland. I wish you did not have to look for items in trash cans and crates. I can't leave an area without looking around for trash cans and crates.
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