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I'm a marketer. I've graduated in it and worked in it since. I'm good at it, and it's easy for me. My marketing background is in research, analysis(mostly relating to sales and manufacturing), lead generation, direct marketing, and digital marketing. I'm a left brained numbers guy, but I can still write good copy and do all the other marketing stuff, I just don't enjoy it that much. I'm also a fairly good manager. Three weeks ago I started working at a tech company. We...
The internet police are on my tail for downloading torrents. Anyone have a TV Torrents code I could use?
I still don't understand the Ginsburg story. It was very dramatic and came out of no where with little explanation.
It's not that he didn't care. He just kept that in mind to use as a power play later, when he made Don sign the contract.Bert is a great character. It doesn't even happen every season, but every now and then you get a glimmer of an extremely intelligent businessman.
Don't know if anyone remembers the magazine Heavy Metal. They had a sale and I got a ton of their issues from the 1980s. Can't wait until they arrive!
I got a new job recently. The building is strange. The office is in a little building that is inside the giant warehouse. My department has it's room with a window into the warehouse. Since I've started working this job, my skin has been dry. I suspect it's because the warehouse is full of cardboard boxes, so it saps all the moisture out of the air that eventually reaches my window into the warehouse. I have brought in a humidifier from home. My skin was great this week....
Hey guys, I got a warning from my ISP for torrenting GoT. Anyone have an invite code for TV Torrents I could use? Thanks
Female coworker told me I had a beautiful smile. It was nice. It made my day.
You mean the hardware problems? I think the failure rate was really awful. That said, I think their return system was fair and happened fairly quickly. They took a hit, but all in all I think they cleaned it up better than most companies would have.
So when you were a child, teenager, or full grown adult, you never held something in your hands pretending it was a light saber, or put a salad bowel on your head and pretend it was a helmet when you were alone at home or in the office? I've checked those two things off my list in the past month or so. It just goes to prove why Star Wars has such a wide appeal.
New Posts  All Forums: