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Was so excited to go to the gym because I'm now over my long streak of sickness from flu, then bronchitis. Every fucking bench and machine I could have used was taken up. All the weights were mixed up, all over the floor, and some missing. It was so damn frustrating. I started to do shoulders but then had shoulder pain. I left early. The trip was a total dud. The weights are all over the fucking floor too. I'm the only white person at my gym and I worked in a gym back as...
I'm still sick. This is going on for like 2 weeks. I think I started with flu then after that was over got some sort of bacterial infection. I'm looking more skinny. I think I'm getting over it though. I can't believe how much a single benadryl can knock me on my ass. I use to take them all the time as a kid. Now just 1 pill and it isn't even safe to drive and my IQ takes a nosedive by 30 pts.
This really burns me. The baker is so lucky Whole Foods went after this. The easy thing to do would just have been to fire him. The pastor would not have cared if he got someone fired either so long as he was able to wallow in victimhood. The only kind of men who would do this are gay men. I bet the pastor went home that night and fake cried while calling all of his friends while grinning wildly in between the calls.
All Sports Chalets are going out of business and everything is on sale. Some items are up to 30% off, but most are 10% off. I got some very nice kneepads today.
I had the flu but am mostly over it now. That said I think I have some kind of infection because I'm coughing up brown stuff. I thought of going to the doctor but I can't imagine they would do anything other than give me anti-biotics.
I loved Tom Green when I was a teenager. He did a lot of very funny stuff.
I felt like I might be a little sick when I woke up this morning. I did legs anyway. It's maybe 2 hrs since my workout and now I feel really sick. I wonder if working out made it worse.
Well, the attitude of boys was kind of the whole point of the post. I don't find anything intrinsically wrong with the attitude of boys or masculinity in general so I'm kind of missing the point of this criticism.
This is not fostering a larger fanbase. Boys will not be fans of these movies like they were past Star Wars movies. This is all being shoehorned in at the expense of boys. There is no one in The Force Awakens that a boy would look up to like any of the characters in the original trilogy. Sensitive vulnerable male villain, Han gets talked down to on his own ship, Finn was written as a likable idiot ect. No boys who watched this movie will grow up idolizing any male...
There is a difference in having a strong female character and having a strong female character as part of a SJW agenda. This is clearly the later. This is not even subjective. It's been confirmed by Disney.
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