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NPR just said over half of NH republicans have not made up their mind on who they will vote for. What the hell?
What do you mean? Like swimming and rowing?
That color is really attractive.Anything currently out that approximates this?
Leg day! So pumped up for my workout. Wish me luck that a squat rack is open.
Pretty good write up about Cruz in college. Sheds some light on why people dislike him: http://theslot.jezebel.com/heres-what-happens-when-you-try-and-track-down-a-ted-cr-1752337625
Strange pain today in my right shoulder. I did not even lift today. It's somewhere in between the muscle on the side of my shoulder, and on the front. I'm going to hold off on shoulder day for a while. Shoulders kind of seem like knees in the sense that when they are injured, it takes a very long time to get over it.
I think there is something to it. Men have an instinct to "keep the enemy outside the gates" and protect the home, and their women. This is not happening. Nothing about the response seems masculine.
A month ago had a 2.5 hr interview. It was the longest interview I've ever had. It started out as an interview and kind of turned into a meeting about strategy. They complement me and really like me. As a follow up I do a bit of free market research for them, a teaser report. They were going to hire me to do all their marketing, but then after the report want to make me some kind of marketing/bus dev hybrid job who will be the point man on a new subsidiary they want to...
An excellent choice! She was easily my favorite character in Hunger Games.
I wonder if he will be elected again. He sounded so confident when giving his answer.
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