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That's not me. I just like how smug he looks making gifs of himself.
Learn from the master!
So because of the way Walt's neighbor reacted, along with the graffiti in his old house in the opening, we can assume Hank would peruse him and run him off. Perhaps if he had hair we can assume that the 6 months to live was also a bluff? Is the the chemo or radiation that makes hair fall out? I think the tread lightly part was out of character. I think Walt would have made an appeal about family rather than issuing a threat.
I'm sick as a dog. My throat hurts so much I can only whisper a few words at a time. My fiancee is cooking all my meals and taking care of me. It's very romantic.
Deus Ex: HR is on the steam sale now for $2.99. I really enjoyed it.
I bought FTL soon after it came out because I thought the concept sounded nice. It's amazing how tense that game can get.
I ordered Weird Guy E3's from http://www.blueowl.us/ My true size is 32 and got my first pair in 32. In the end, I knew if they stretched even just 1/4 an inch they wouldn't look good and knew I could stand to size down. The exchange for 31 was painless. I'm very happy with the fit. The crotch is just right and they are not too low cut. This is my first pair of N&F jeans. Given how interesting their collections are, I'm sure I'll buy more eventually.
No LA? What were they thinking?
You sound like a douche to be honest. You also don't like the woman you are dating at all.
Could be good. I like Josh Brolin.
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