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By the way, GQ had some article about the actor who played Robocop in the 80's. He quit acting and started teaching roman history at some university. Pretty cool cat if you ask me.
The trailer makes it looks worse than I anticipated. It's PG-13 too. I'm not anti-remake but this feels like a sanitized TV version of a movie that still holds up well today. What's the point?
So this just appeared on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/The-Hedge-Knight-Graphic-ebook/dp/B00DH07FAS/ref=reg_hu-rd_add_1_dp
I think this is the ringtone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMWGXt979yg
Has anyone ever guessed right? I remember we had pages and pages of what would happen next when Walt and Gus's conclusion was near and no one guessed anything right, as I recall.I was expecting a sniper shot to come out of no where as soon as they handcuffed Walt. I was just waiting for it. I think having all the cars and trucks pull up was more dramatic though.
That was the most intense cliffhanger of any season. Hank was really on A-game this episode. I liked how Walt Jr. was so enamored with Sal. What was Todd's ringtone? I think Todd is an interesting character. He's so polite, get's shit done, and looks like a stereotypical 1950's ice cream vendor, but saving the kid's tarantula makes me think he's just nuts.
Statesman or Sith
I dunno, I don't think all those blocks could hold back water. And besides, does it ever flood in a place like Albuquerque?
I'm one of the last people on earth still using a CRT. I got it many years ago and the colors are amazing, but I know I need to get a flatscreen now. What should I take into consideration when buying one? One concern I have is that I don't want harsh neon like colors. I've been needed to get one for some time, but I know Ill have to read all this boring tech stuff before I make my decision. I just want to buy something really great and not worry about it for the next 10...
What was the concrete structure behind Jesse when he was waiting for the ID guy in the red van?
New Posts  All Forums: