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Lost gains after two recent bouts of sickness. Tomorrow I'll go to a pool party. I'm the only guy going who works out with any consistency. Still cursing the day because I wish I was more swole. I turn 32 next month and really want to reach some kind of aesthetic peak before age makes it too difficult.
https://twitter.com/HillaryClinton/status/751542474972291072 Ok, thanks Hillary...
I don't think anything will shake off the irrational hatred of cops from black people. Even if you meet black people who were raised in well off homes in nice areas and have gone to college, never had a run-in with the law, there's always this weird reality distortion where they fully believe that cops are out to hunt them down and just itching to murder them, the government created AIDS to kill black people, the illuminati in entrenched in the music industry, all that...
I just watched "Fittest on Earth." It's the crossfit documentary on Netflix. I think the competition challenges are bullshit and the games can't be taken seriously. So many of the games come down to technique rather than being the fittest on earth. For example, they revealed that one of the challenges would be the peg board climb right before the competitors had to complete it. That means no one knew to prepare for that specific competition and despite their physical...
I miss instruction booklets. The game starts with no explanation. Took me like 5 mins before I realised you had to flick the pokeball to the pokemon to capture it. Then you get in these menus and nothing makes sense. What does the CP stat mean? And there's a button in the pokemon menu that just says "transfer." Transfer to what? From where? So much money was thrown at this you'd think they'd make a quick tutorial.
Not to be outdone, they are making Kick-Ass a black girl too. http://io9.gizmodo.com/mark-millar-is-reviving-kick-ass-with-a-new-female-lead-1782431193
Just wait for BLM to protest any sort of memorials that will be held for these officers. It's going to happen.
Pulled pork is always a nice treat. What wood did you smoke it with? Did you inject it beforehand?
WoW was such a guilty pleasure for me. I loved the game for the setting and sense of exploration. I like how they took nature and tried to make it look more beautiful and perfect. It's like a Thomas Kinkade painting in the sense that you feel embarrassed to admit that you enjoy looking at it so much. Made me take up hiking in my 20s.
New Posts  All Forums: