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At one campus I fight there is a quidditch group. They hand to hold what looks like a PVC pipe between their legs so at a distance it looks like everyone has a strap on. I think the only reason it's popular is because it's one sport that a lot of girls join, so these groups pop up quickly.
Just checked this out. GreenFrog isn't kidding folks.
The game I play pads the weapons, not the people. That alone makes the game very rough. My body is constantly covered in bruises and I've had bones broken and all sorts of nasty injuries. Another prominent group and perhaps the largest in the US is SCA where the people are armored and the weapons are rattan. Anything using steel weapons people generally just call "live steel" and there are a few different orgs that do that. The largest one in the US being HEMA which...
That's really me in the video. So we have a thread that's 30 pages long about something lame like fly fishing, but a full contact combat sport get mocked?
Strong words from men who pay a subscription to watch people swordfight on a screen while I'm living the dream.
I have about 8 years LARPing experience.Check out some of my sweet moves starting at 7:59
The fights in Troy were pretty realistic, though a bit stylized, especially some of the weird stuff Brad Pitt did. Gladiator was a good one too for the most part. Since I have more combat experience than just about anyone it makes me wish I could be in these movies. I would of kicked Russell Crows ass.
There is this engineer on facebook who takes everything literally so I started trolling him. He posted about how he likes honeycomb. I said I always thought it was a great idea and would love to go on a factory tour to see them mold the wax and inject the honey inside the hexs. He posted about getting a 2nd degree burn on his stomach and I told him it could have been prevented if he wore sunscreen or a shirt then recommended a sunscreen to him. Of course he got them from...
Not entirely true. I went home and started flexing in the bathroom mirror before I bragged about it on SF.
A girl told me I looked like a Calvin Klein model. On the spur of the moment I replied "So you're saying I look gay?" She thought it was funny. I'm so charming, good looking, and witty sometimes it just kills me.
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