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Walker-kin doesn't come up on any wikis. Is the necro thing a joke? What is walker-kin?
All prices drop. That said there was some wide range study a while ago and Bethesda games keep their value longer than any other games out there. I might get this game after a few patches, and I'm sure I will pay full price for it, or no more than 15% off. Fallout Tactics was a good game. It was a nice diversion that honored the series well. I was not able to get into Fallout 3, and I tried to the tune of 15 hrs or so. The world looked too ugly and I did not like the...
One night I was feeling restless so I went out walking. It turned into a 2 hr walk around random city streets that I had never seen before. I thought I would have gone further on some rollerblades, something I had not owned since I was a tween. I started reading about inline skates for fitness and apparently they have come a long way since the 90's. The materials are much better and they are more comfortable. I got these: They are Rollerblade Macroblade 84s. They have...
Not at all, being as fit as he is at his age is extra impressive. He's just a little fabulous and it's effected his voice and mannerisms. Watch a few more of his videos about lifting, it's all sound and practical advice.
I just used the carton egg whites and I'm very disappointed. They have less cohesion when cooked, less flavor, and worst of all they are pretty much eternally soggy and seeping water, even though I cooked them for a pretty long time. I can't see myself keeping this up. Too bad. The Vons I go to has a deli that will make a lot of stuff. Why can't they just separate egg whites there and not ruin them with pasteurizing?
I'll try it out then. I dont think Id need anything that kept for 5 months unless I started making stuff at an office ect. I wonder how they can pasturize egg whites without making curdes. It seems from videos that egg whites in a carton are more thin than than from the egg after separation. So I saw this video from Scooby, who is one of the better youtube bodybuilding guys out there: I make this all the time now. It can be made very quickly and it's delicious. Also,...
What's a good PC game that consistently has adults who use mic? And I mean native mic use, none of this Roget Wilco or Mumble type stuff.
Any reason to get whole eggs and separate the yolkes over buying this: I can't find anything solid online. People just dont like it because it's "processed." I consume a lot of egg whites and separating is a hassle and I waste a lot.
Jesus Christ. I was reading this thread, scrolling down every post, and thinking that I would pretty much post the above, only to be surprised by my own comment I made in 2011.
Ford looks good because he's always been good looking, didn't get fat, and kept his hairline. That said every time I see him in an interview I get the sense he just wants to walk out into the woods and die. It's not that he seems depressed, he just seems like he's so tired and uninterested in everything. Everything is a chore. I bet that's why he is into airplanes. It reminds me of how Bruce Wayne was in The Dark Knight comic when he's an old man and just recklessly...
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