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My fiancee will be out with a friend tomorrow. She's on a low carb diet. I plan to order a pizza so that it arrives 15 mins after she leaves, then eat it throughout the whole day. It will be amazing!
I've always used condoms and finished outside. It was fine for me. Lot's of tension and it lasted for a long time, and it felt safe. Recently though I've gotten older and realized that if she did get pregnant, I could provide for that and we were mature enough to handle it, so it made me more curious about going without. Also it's been more on the spontaneous side of love making. She walks by, I like what I see, and close on on my target. Condoms take away from the drama...
I'm playing GTA V now. I really enjoy the overall look of the game. It's like a stereotypical LA without being too cheesy. I'm really enjoying Trevor and the inclusion of the Salton Sea. The game is so much better than GTA IV which I think had a lot work put into it, was fairly polished, but not very fun to play.
Both. I've taken action with suspicious stuff concerning kids before and would do so for the same reasons in this situation, but I would be lieing if there wasn't this extra kick of satisfaction of hurting someone I hate for other reasons as well.
I think Walt went looking for the lab when he was about to die so that the public at large would give him credit for all the recent blue meth, either for his own ego, or to make it seem like Jesse has been out of the game, or both.
The most annoying person I've ever worked with in my life was fired a few weeks ago. Everyone in the office has been more happy and relaxed since. I googled around to find his linkdin yesterday to see what he was up to and came across his sex offender profile. Apparently he molested a little girl when he lived in another state. Everyone in the office was shocked but not surprised. He has no registry in CA, the current state he's in. I'm going to see if it can be...
I flew on Southwest recently and this was on the armrest in between seats. It could not turn on. I don't know what this is. What is it?
I read StormFront every now and then. White Nationalists tend to have their own strong sense of fairness and a simplistic view of morality. I thought shooting his bother-in-law, giving him the barrel, then shaking hands with a simple "we square?" was fitting.
If you flirt, everyone around you can tell. People are more obvious about workplace flirting than they give themselves credit for.
I think it would be difficult on the road. Once he was off they had a pretty deliberate scene showing how much dust he kicked up. I doubt we'll ever know for sure. It seems like one of those details that would just gum up the drama. I don't think the writers will deem it a loose end.
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