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So when you were a child, teenager, or full grown adult, you never held something in your hands pretending it was a light saber, or put a salad bowel on your head and pretend it was a helmet when you were alone at home or in the office? I've checked those two things off my list in the past month or so. It just goes to prove why Star Wars has such a wide appeal.
Think about the proportionality. They show Don as troubled, but they also show a lot of scenes where he is that guy who triumphs at work and makes me feel satisfied. Nearly every scene with Sally now is just weird and uncomfortable.
I don't know. She was such a cute girl in the earlier seasons with her lisp. Then the only time she was ever on camera was sexualized in some uncomfortable way. It's not presented in a normal way either. When Megan's father said that comment about little girls spreading their legs and flying away, Don, being a alpha he is, would have asked him to leave his home after a comment like that. But he never said anything. Things have just been distorted in an uncomfortable way...
I finished Max Payne 3 recently. I'm 29 and the first game came out when I was in high school. It has to be one of my favorite franchises. I love the over the top dialogue and how things are dark in subtle ways, like how the game never had health packs, just painkillers, and then in later games you find that Max is an addict. Anyway, Max Payne 3 was amazing for me. I really liked how you have a man who is perfect for what he does, but drugs and alcohol and age have taken...
Quick recap of last season: http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2014/04/11/mad_men_season_7_premiere_everything_you_need_to_remember_from_last_season.html
Tywin LannisterCharles Dance makes the character better than he ever was in the book, and I loved the change of having him at Harrenhall enjoying Arya's company. In the book Arya says that her mother always told her father (Ned) to put his "king's face" on before meeting people, and that a king's face was more of a demeanor of someone who was in power and comfortable with it, and that Tywin had the same face.. Charles Dance has the perfect king's face.
My wife had a rough morning. I was having a bad dream. I was in a crowd and went to punch someone in the face. I woke up because I punched my wife in the face in my sleep. I immediately apologized and went to get some tissue in case she was bleeding and ice. As I was getting all that, our cat jumped on the bed and bit her arm. She took it in good humor later luckily. It wasn't hard at all, just shocking.
I got a new job! Director of Marketing at a tech company. The title is misleading since most directors are a lot older and make a lot more than I do, but it's still a bump up in pay. I get a team of 3, and if I preform well, after some time I might also get the sales team too. I get the offer letter Monday and don't really want to celebrate until then.
I'm so tempted to get an Oculus Rift DK2. I think Id get my $390(shipped) out of it, but it would be frustrating if they released the consumer version in a year or so. I played DK1 and thought it was amazing. FF-X was a chore to play. I did like the node based ability system. Titus and Yuna were awful, boring characters. I also think X is when the art when from stylized to ridiculous.
Thanks so much otc! It worked perfectly. I'm frustrated I did not arrive at that conclusion myself. This is the best forum ever.
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