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I think growing up with multiplayer games made me immune to getting my feelings hurt over the internet. I started debating if the wall was racist on Facebook and the Hill/Bernie supports got emotional fast. All of them very upset by the racist wall. I wasn't even trolling either but it ended with one of them posting "Hey, go fuck yourself gringo, my entire family came here illegaly and all they did was improve the gene pool. You wouldn't last two seconds doing the manual...
Mad man! She really walked into that one. http://www.cnn.com/2016/06/09/politics/hillary-clinton-donald-trump-delete-your-account/
Get the "Hourly news" app for you phone and just play it while you get dressed in the morning. Outside of that I use google news and NPR.
Not all all, but feminists expand the definition of rape to a ridiculous degree. Many feminists would find having sex with a drunk girl, even with consent, as rape. Also that "1 in 5 women in college will be raped" stat includes receiving an uninvited kiss.
Even before I was 21, I could not imagine doing anything like that to an unconscious girl. I think sexual consent is fine when you are even extremely drunk, but being passed out is a clear line to cross. I take no issue with the outrage over this case and I'm about as anti-feminist as you can get.
There are plenty of cost effective options to keep your hair. I never understood why people let it get so bad before they want to do something about it. I started propecia ASAP when I realized I was losing some when I was 24 and get compliments on my hair all the time now that I'm 31. I think you're on the razor's edge of needing it shorter. I'd get a good thickening shampoo and try propecia and rogain as a combo for a few months just to see what your body is capable of...
Even if the boy was under 18, fuck that guy.
"I know Anthony Weiner. I don't want him knowing anything." Just checked, I had no idea the Wiener documentary was out.
I can totally see Koreans and Chinese cutting their children's arms and hands off to give them bionic arms so they can play the piano better. It's going to happen. Mark my words.
It really annoys me that Amazon mixes their paid content in with their Prime content. I'm sure that's the reason why everyone under uses their service. I've been wanting to watch Mr. Robot for some time. I see in the news it's on Amazon and I'm happy. Then find out you have to pay like $3 per episode and I'm a Prime member. I'm going to cause such a scene if I ever see Jeff Bezos at a trade show.
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