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Not entirely true. I went home and started flexing in the bathroom mirror before I bragged about it on SF.
A girl told me I looked like a Calvin Klein model. On the spur of the moment I replied "So you're saying I look gay?" She thought it was funny. I'm so charming, good looking, and witty sometimes it just kills me.
This is so risky there should not even be an attempt.Make a stand alone Obi-Wan movie, or Boba Fett movie. Han Solo is just too correlated with Harrison Ford. Getting it right out be a 1 in 100 chance. Only character portrayal I've seen to pull it off was Hannibal lecter.
I'm seriously interested in there are 50 tracking codes on this site. I work in marketing. There's no way you can use them all, and some of them seem redundant. Like you have a google analytics code, and also a yahoo analytics code. No one uses both. Did you want all these installed, or just install them as a "package?"
There is a huge difference in making a strong female character with and without feminism. Ripley in Alien was a strong female Character. So is Leia. This girl in Rogue One and Rey were made to look strong by putting them down or having some sort of pandering 'You go girl!" one liners. It's force fed. It's fake. And at the end of the day it's not even really what real women want to identify with. I mean the Rogue One trailer has that ridiculous kowtowing line of "I rebel"...
So if it's not 50/50 it's sexist?
You guys should check out Lena Heady's twitter. She posts goofy pictures of herself and she's cool as fuck.
Tywin and The Viper were the best casting choices of the whole show. Cersei and Joffrey are the runner ups. Come to think of it, the casting for the whole show is pretty good. That's saying alot considering how many colorful characters there are. Even characters who differ a lot from how they are in the books turned out well.
This is the most comfortable underwear I've ever worn. Puts it all out there like a trophy too: I don't like the fabric of the Uniqlo underwear. Never understood underwear that isn't made of cotton.
Was so excited to go to the gym because I'm now over my long streak of sickness from flu, then bronchitis. Every fucking bench and machine I could have used was taken up. All the weights were mixed up, all over the floor, and some missing. It was so damn frustrating. I started to do shoulders but then had shoulder pain. I left early. The trip was a total dud. The weights are all over the fucking floor too. I'm the only white person at my gym and I worked in a gym back as...
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