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Michelle Fields has been fired. http://redstatewatcher.com/article.asp?id=11310&utm_source=reembed&utm_medium=widget&utm_campaign=popular
I felt like I might be a little sick when I woke up this morning. I did legs anyway. It's maybe 2 hrs since my workout and now I feel really sick. I wonder if working out made it worse.
Well, the attitude of boys was kind of the whole point of the post. I don't find anything intrinsically wrong with the attitude of boys or masculinity in general so I'm kind of missing the point of this criticism.
This is not fostering a larger fanbase. Boys will not be fans of these movies like they were past Star Wars movies. This is all being shoehorned in at the expense of boys. There is no one in The Force Awakens that a boy would look up to like any of the characters in the original trilogy. Sensitive vulnerable male villain, Han gets talked down to on his own ship, Finn was written as a likable idiot ect. No boys who watched this movie will grow up idolizing any male...
There is a difference in having a strong female character and having a strong female character as part of a SJW agenda. This is clearly the later. This is not even subjective. It's been confirmed by Disney.http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/04/07/disney-strong-empowered-female-star-wars-purposeful/
Klan ideology is not as hateful or radical as most people think, despite the history.I grew up in TN. There was this guy in high school I did not really like but he was in my social group. He was racist but had yellow fever. For one family Christmas party he brought his Chinese girlfriend. His uncle, who was in the klan, asked to speak with him outside. When they got out back his uncle punched him in the face then left the party.I always thought that was a great example of...
Give me a break.Leia had plenty of lines and she was a legit strong female character that was not crafted by feminists. She was able to be a strong female without kicking ass with her king fu moves, talking sassy to white men, or saying shoehorned "you go girl!" one-liners like "I rebel."
A 12 year old swedish girl is beaten and raped, then the rapists whole family follows her around to beat her. Her rapist was given a light punishment of 180 hours community service partially because he suffers from anxiety and sleeping problems.http://www.friatider.se/efter-barnv-ldt-kten-nu-trakasseras-ida-13-av-muhameds-v-nnerhttp://www.friatider.se/muhameds-comment-while-raping-twelve-year-old-ida-black-dck-expensive-gets-away-22-days-community(Right click in chrome to...
Sure sign of white trash too. It's a tacky way to try and smell good. The same goes for scented deodorant.
This song makes my lifts stronger: I should get a Hulkamania shirt to work out in. I bet it would be a great conversation piece.
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