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Remember in 2015 when Japan accepted a grand total of only 27 Syrian refugees, and two of them were already arrested for gang rape?
Just got done deadlifting. I put one of those platforms below me which raised me like 4-5 inches from the floor so the bar was closer to my feet. I think I can feel a difference. It feels like my glutes got more of a workout.I also saw something that confused me. Some guy was working out and had this mouth covering thing that looked like an air filter. I googled around just now and I think it was a mask like this. Never heard of this...
Well, you nailed it. I don't think a single FPS will use this in the entire lifespan of the system.When I see that held sideways I'm sure it's going to be for their retro games, in which case it's fine.
I think the design is great. The portable version is going to be a much better experience than playing on a cell phone, so I would not even consider that to be a competitor. I can easily imagine taking it to work to play alone or with coworkers. Depending on the software, I think the system has a good chance of doing well.
I loved that!
NBC Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smkyorC5qwc I'm ready!
http://www.cnn.com/I'm not seeing a single mention of it.
Not a single mention of wikileaks on the NPR news brief. Not a single mention of wikileaks on the front page of CNN.
The first game was one of the most enjoyable games in recent years. The visual style was just amazing!
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