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Deus Ex would not start for me. I think it's been patched so I will try again tonight. Anyway, have not started yet. I also forgot that I preordered the Batman: The Telltale Series. That's going to be fun. I love Telltale games. I also preordered Mother Russia Bleeds, which comes out tomorrow and I can't wait! So Badass! I really love the dark brutal world they made, and the music in all the gameplay footage is amazing. I'm sure this going to be a lot of fun.
Here is the full immigration speech. Great speech. So this week he also went to Mexico, was warmly greeted by the Mexican president and talked about renegotiating NAFTA, and went to a black church in Detroit where he received a standing ovation. And he caught up to Hillary in the polls. Muslims are now threatening to leave the US if Trump becomes president. Thing's are really on the up and up...
I remember the last eps of Stranger Things when the Sheriff was putting the food in the tupperware; my aunt had that same kind of tupperware in the 80s!
https://streamable.com/k4jq EDIT: better
Not a good excuse. They are afraid of provocations because they are a bunch of wimps. Room temperature testosterone levels. Sad!
I know I'm late to the party on this one, but I'm 2 eps into Mr. Robot and it's really great.
Anyone notice how any time you hear the word "provocation" these days it's always some euro talking about politics? Why do they fear provocations so much over there?
Buy preshave oil. It really helps.
Try and find out if you can improve your form. This youtube guy is a good source for it since he works in physical therapy and goes into what different form is doing with your anatomy:https://www.youtube.com/user/JDCav24
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