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Anderson looked like a little boy who got caught doing something bad when Trump called him out on being biased.
"The audience needs to calm down here." "We want to remind the audience to not applaud."
"Can we please hold the applause" Ok, let's see how often the moderators say that, and in response to who's statement.
Almost 20 mins in and still on the same subject.
I have racoons around my apartment. I think they are adorable. Always warms my heart to see them.
Trump should have gone for the jugular when Hillary started talking about cyber security.
That was the most biased general election moderator I've seen since I've been able to vote.
When Trump said "What the hell do you have to lose?" I thought that appeal was just so simple and genius. That said, I'm surprised it was so effective. I don't think anyone would have predicted his surge with black voters. He's changing the DNA of the republican party in front of our very eyes. On a side note. I was talking with a client a few weeks ago who kept on trashing Hillary. I asked her if she was voting for Trump. She said yes and I said me too. We talked about...
Look at that strong woman powering through.
"Just in: Hillary Clinton will NOT be traveling to California tomorrow or Tuesday, per an aide. She continues to rest at home in Chappaqua." https://twitter.com/albamonica/status/775156768292888576 New angle of her on 9/11: https://twitter.com/awyattman88/status/775027701149274112/video/1
New Posts  All Forums: