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My chest has gotten bigger over this past year, which is good. I think aesthetically at this point I need to work more of my upper pecs.After a few vague guides and what not, I gather that to work upper pecs, you do all the regular pec exercises, but on an incline? I did that yesterday and my upper chest is nice and sore, not much strain on my lower chest at all. Do people who have well rounded pecs have 2 different chest days, one for upper and one for lower?So many...
I'm really enjoying this. It's a very strange show in the sense that the show tries to take itself seriously, but there is a lot of over the top 80's style cheese. That's not a criticism at all. It's a very fun show.
People started protesting Rubio dresses as robots, presumably because of his recent glitching during speeches. Rubio supporters got into fights with the robot protesters. http://paleofuture.gizmodo.com/robot-fights-break-out-in-new-hampshire-sparking-fears-1758064108
High-Rise trailer: Wonder what building that is. Here's the song in the trailer. Always loved Com Truise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEpJPrXiiYA
He's back:
This is another good trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZX3MgsRb0A Being out in the wilderness in isolation always spooks me a bit because if anyone crosses your path, they can do anything they want and you'd get no immediate help. Even if I hike here in SoCal I always wish I had a gun on me just for that reason. The game is out now. I'll probably play it tonight.
I've been curious about Firewatch ever since I saw a trailer for it. The game looks beautiful, and I really like games/movies that have a feeling of solitude. You're a fire lookout in Wyoming. It's a story driven game where you talk to this woman with a 2-way radio. The voice acting and writing is said to be top notch, and the early reviews are very positive. The game is out in 2 hrs. I'm going to buy it on Steam.
NPR just said over half of NH republicans have not made up their mind on who they will vote for. What the hell?
What do you mean? Like swimming and rowing?
That color is really attractive.Anything currently out that approximates this?
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