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Was so excited to go to the gym because I'm now over my long streak of sickness from flu, then bronchitis. Every fucking bench and machine I could have used was taken up. All the weights were mixed up, all over the floor, and some missing. It was so damn frustrating. I started to do shoulders but then had shoulder pain. I left early. The trip was a total dud. The weights are all over the fucking floor too. I'm the only white person at my gym and I worked in a gym back as...
Froot Loops is held in the same esteem of course.
I was surprised his words were so strong. He's met a lot of congressmen in his life. Also said he would vote for Trump in a general election, but not Cruz.
What's happening?
Good speech! Starts about ~35 mins in:
Oh Sandra
Wow, I had no idea he was the co-founder of Vice. He's got to be mega rich now.
In a way, I think these euro countries are so ineffective in defending themselves because they have devalued masculinity so much. I think part of masculinity is keeping the enemy at bay and preserving your women, which is also why war related rape is kind of like the ultimate "fuck you" from one enemy to another. As a man if you are at war people kind of accept the possibility of being shot or hacked away with a shovel, but when people talk about what the Russians did when...
I'm still sick. This is going on for like 2 weeks. I think I started with flu then after that was over got some sort of bacterial infection. I'm looking more skinny. I think I'm getting over it though. I can't believe how much a single benadryl can knock me on my ass. I use to take them all the time as a kid. Now just 1 pill and it isn't even safe to drive and my IQ takes a nosedive by 30 pts.
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