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On this note, I think when I use free weights and cables for chest that my biceps are "stealing" activation away from my pecs. It sucks.
I really want a Switch now. I was never really interested until a week or so ago. The reviews of the system are pretty good, and I'm really interested in this new Zelda game.
I don't go crazy with supplements. Casein is worth it. You're going to be buying protein anyway, so if you have room, why not? I keep oats and whey, whey, and casein on top of my fridge with all my alcohol and just arrange one group in front of the other depending on the type of image I want to put off to those who come over. Casein really satisfies a sweet tooth and is filling.
I buy the thin sliced breast at the store, marinade it in teriyaki sauce then grill it on a grill pan. Sometimes I put some worcestershire over it, which does not go that well with chicken but it goes a small way to keep the chicken from getting rubbery later in the week. Sometimes I'll cook fish and have that early in the week, then save the chicken meals for later in the week.Meal prepping can be done in very little time if anyone was thinking of trying it out. Goes a...
What is the best way to go about tracking macros? Any kind of app that makes this easy. I really don't want to look stuff up online then put it in some excel sheet. What's an elegant way of doing it? Also, most inexpensive option to find out what % of body fat I have? I eat pretty clean, and I enjoy meal prepping. I took a liking to it because it's a nice convenience to have a meal on hand without worrying about cooking, and I've become pretty quick with making a lot of...
Nintendo coated all the Switch carts with the most bitter substance known to man to deter children from swallowing them. Now everyone who gets a switch is licking the carts just to know what the sensation is like. Apparently one small lick spreads all over your entire mouth and down your throat it's so bad. I have to admit, if I had a cart, I think I'd lick it just to see what it's like.
Is it really Jackman's last? Can't believe he's been doing it for 17 years. I remember when I saw the first I thought he was way too skinny. Boy did he ever put that to rest.
Even before casting I always thought that a Han Solo movie had a pretty high likelihood of not feeling right. I think Han Solo was a great character mostly because Harrison Ford really was a give-no-fucks grumpy asshole in real life. I bet you this kid is going to do this movie and be asked hundreds of times during interviews if he ever met with Ford, and Ford will not even be willing to meet him.
I never liked Power Rangers that much as a kid, but really enjoyed this short when it came out. This is how they should have made G.I. Joe.I kind of wanted to be the Red Ranger for halloween since I'm pretty fit now. Girls would love it! Next year.
It says Double Dragon 4 is coming out on Steam on the 30th, but I can't find it on steam. I'm playing Dishonored 2 at the moment. So far it's a lot of fun to play and the aesthetics are amazing! I really love this series.
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