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Even before casting I always thought that a Han Solo movie had a pretty high likelihood of not feeling right. I think Han Solo was a great character mostly because Harrison Ford really was a give-no-fucks grumpy asshole in real life. I bet you this kid is going to do this movie and be asked hundreds of times during interviews if he ever met with Ford, and Ford will not even be willing to meet him.
I never liked Power Rangers that much as a kid, but really enjoyed this short when it came out. This is how they should have made G.I. Joe.I kind of wanted to be the Red Ranger for halloween since I'm pretty fit now. Girls would love it! Next year.
It says Double Dragon 4 is coming out on Steam on the 30th, but I can't find it on steam. I'm playing Dishonored 2 at the moment. So far it's a lot of fun to play and the aesthetics are amazing! I really love this series.
I was feeling a bit sick today so I left the office to work from home. My team has done jack shit today other than 1 guy.
I made sangria for myself. I made it pretty lightweight so no brandy, I just added some fruit juice and cut up some fruit for it. Anyway, over the past week I found that my alcohol intake took a nose dive because of it. I went to bed earlier and woke up feeling refreshed. The juice diluted the wine, and I just end up drinking the same volume of beverage, but less alcohol. Probably not the best way to go about cutting your alcohol intake because I guess the trade off is...
Just got done deadlifting. I put one of those platforms below me which raised me like 4-5 inches from the floor so the bar was closer to my feet. I think I can feel a difference. It feels like my glutes got more of a workout.I also saw something that confused me. Some guy was working out and had this mouth covering thing that looked like an air filter. I googled around just now and I think it was a mask like this. Never heard of this...
Well, you nailed it. I don't think a single FPS will use this in the entire lifespan of the system.When I see that held sideways I'm sure it's going to be for their retro games, in which case it's fine.
I think the design is great. The portable version is going to be a much better experience than playing on a cell phone, so I would not even consider that to be a competitor. I can easily imagine taking it to work to play alone or with coworkers. Depending on the software, I think the system has a good chance of doing well.
The first game was one of the most enjoyable games in recent years. The visual style was just amazing!
I have racoons around my apartment. I think they are adorable. Always warms my heart to see them.
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