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According to the Serial podcast, this is not really looked down on because they know the POWs are forced against their will.Speaking of which, here is a gif of Jeremiah Denton, an American soldier who did such a video when he was a POW in Vietnam. He's spelling out "torture" in morse code by blinking his eyes:Also, it's not just supermodels who love this man:
Prometheus is also one of the best examples of a live action 3D movie. Ridley Scott is one of the few directors who knows how to use it well. I agree with most of the popular criticisms of the film. That said, I thought David was an amazing character.
I just can't get over the Sanders debate. This is completely unpredictable and it's such a smart move.You have to watch this video!http://www.businessinsider.com/donald-trump-elizabeth-warren-pocahontas-mouth-2016-5
My mom gave some of my old toys away to some distant cousin who was poor without asking me. I found out when I went to a family event and the little shit was there playing with my old toys. I wanted to kick his teeth in and didn't talk to my mom for the rest of the day.
Apparently DePaul required Milo to pay for security at the last second, then the security did nothing when the stage was stormed. And DePaul had also requested that the police not involve themselves prior to the event even starting. I've seen longer video of what happens after. The black preacher just sits down and keeps blowing his whistle as Milo tries to speak, then paces back and forth and threatens to hit him. Keep in mind this is a homosexual holding an event only...
If that's the scenario I don't think there is much to lose. He's doing the debate to pick up Sanders supporters. Anyone who already supports Trump won't watch the debate and switch sides. If the debate goes south and Tump fails to win Sanders supporters I don't think he will lose much. All that said, I think it's an unlikely scenario that they will get nasty with each other. On some level Sanders has to take pleasure in slapping Clinton out of the spotlight for a while and...
I disagree. I can see Trump playing nice with Sanders and frequently trashing Clinton the whole way through so that Sanders supporters will warm up to him. I'd bet that a lot of people who have been following Sanders have never seen much of Trump, otherwise there would not be so many misconceptions about him. I don't think many hardcore Sanders supporters have watched a full debate with Trump. I think if they have been so use to seeing Clinton as an adversary all this...
True, it's a southern thing. I grew up drinking it. That tea is one of those consumables you just don't see around SoCal where I live now. I bet there are people my age here who have never once had a glass of "sweet tea." People here also have no idea what boiled peanuts are.I'm surprised boiled peanuts never took off outside of the south. Seems like the kind of snack just about anyone would enjoy.
Riots broke out in New Mexico during a Trump rally. http://www.12newsnow.com/story/32057009/protests-turn-violent-outside-trump-rally-in-new-mexico Some live feed is saying there is an active shooter, but nothing is showing up on news sites yet. Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXbuP19AWDM
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