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Writing is based on rules so much more than I had ever imagined as a student. Buy every single book by David Ogilvy and read all of them. Also, to be the best writer for this, you need to start off in direct marketing where everything is measured.Is headline 1 better than headline 2? You can spend hours debating your opinion on headline 1 Vs headline 2. And it's just a waste of your time. The test results trump all. It really changes the way you think of how valuable being...
There is so much to say about this. SEO is so slow that the preference is best measured in terms of 3 month increments. So much advice is given on SEO, and if you read a lot of it you will get a general sense of best practices, but it's not an exact science at all. PPC will bring you short term success. That said, PPC is an exact science and if you want to compete you had better do some studying and really know your stuff. I work in marketing. If I get hired on a new...
I was raised to think that the only people who did so were children of uneducated parents.
I work in marketing and once needed to target companies that deal with pinball/arcade machines. As I recall there is actually a specific NCIS or SIC code for them. I remember in the late 90s or so it was announced that the last American pinball machine manufacturer closed, ending an era. That said, I was at Portland Retro Gaming Expo and they had a TON of pinball machines there, including a modern one based on Iron Man that looked really nice with LED lights and what...
I felt bad for them. They had a lot of stress and the wife seemed to have genuine concern for those around her, even if she was pretty daffy.
A while ago there was talk of them making a Blade movie that would show the orgion of Deacon Frost, the villain in the first movie. I think it got washed away by how bad 2008 was for business.
Started my new job. In the past few months I've been working out more so I started in pretty good shape. Every girl at work has a crush on me. Feels good.
The Roger/Peggy scene was great. The scene was well within both of their characters, and it was 100% fan service. It was a ridiculous situation but never felt forced. I'm really going to miss this show. This is my favorite TV show ever. Is it anyone else's favorite show?
What thing would that be?
Same for me. If I had to do it, Id let Anakin get into his 40s before he became Darth Vader. I could never imagine him in the Darth Vader suit as a young man. He also could have walked and started gesturing like Darth Vader leading up to the point when he became Darth Vader.
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