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Trump should not have made that statement. Russia would release the emails regardless. I'd guess that they would release them a week before the first debate. Having them leak and rule the headlines for a week, then having a brutal debate will go a long way to keep her head below water and really set the tone for the general election. HBO needs to make a show about this election. Everything is so exciting!
I said something about this before, but has anyone noticed there doesn't seem to be video footage of euro politicians answering tough questions on this? The most news articles seem to have are short little statments people give here or there, but there's never any footage of some kind of conversation with the politicians who are perpetuating this.
If there was ever a prime candidate for GOMAD, you're it.
I feel the same way. My opinion on immigration changes based on who we would let in. I talk pretty openly about it when I'm around friends and it raises some eyebrows, but I have a give no fucks rockstar attitude about it. There are so many asians here in SoCal. Filipinos fit in better than any of them. They are easily the most "American" asians out there. All the others need to be here a few generations to weed out the rude behavior(chinese, koreans) and suffocating...
Very scary. I bet if they wanted to abduct him they were going to torture him then execute him on video.
Do you honestly think Trump will lose? Really?
Yeah, not a fan of his, but that was some pretty alpha Andy Kaufman level trolling right there. I'm impressed.
I use to be the director of marketing for a company in the gaming industry. Without giving too much away, my department had the task of finding out who currently owned a bunch of 8-16 bit retro games and negotiate licensing deals. I expected the project to take some time and prioritized the list of games I would go after and gave it to one of my team members who had a ton of historical knowledge about the industry. Not much progress was made so I decided to spend a bit of...
Want to know my favorite RNC moment?
So what's everyone's opinion at this point of the race? Will Trump be out next POTUS?
New Posts  All Forums: