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@Luxire - Any hope for some additional flannel shirting fabrics to make it through the winter?
Luxire Denim Owners, I'm looking for a denim color similar to the raw color of apc new standards. Based on the pics in this thread and on the luxire site, it appears that their "raw" color is a brighter blue? And that the dark indigo is closer to a more typical "raw" color? Is that right? Also, I saw some have requested jeans be pre-soaked. Does Luxire charge extra for that? Did you find that it eliminated any shrinkage? And after extended wear, did your jeans stretch...
Xtra, how has shrinkage/stretching been with each pair? Did you adjustment measurements for shrinkage as the Luxire website suggests? And has the raw pair stretched significantly?
Here's my first attempt at online MTM. I'd greatly appreciate any feedback that others can provide on overall fit. Am I on the right track?
For the collar of a casual madras shirt, is it best to specify both unlined and unfused? I am thinking of going with a non button down collar.
I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a pair of Dugdale Fine Worsted trousers and a pair of chinos. What are the "standard" lining options for dress trousers and chinos? "Front lined to knee" for the wool trousers and no lining for the chinos?
How does the Warzone Plus White Oxford compare with the Warzone White Oxford? Which one have people preferred?
Has anyone ordered a polo shirt from Luxire recently? I know that a while back some had described issues with the polo collar holding its shape, so I was curious if that issue had been worked out.
UPDATE: Luxire has confirmed receipt of my shirt to copy. Just took a little bit for it to make it's way to India. Looking forward to my first shirt.
Yes, I've been communicating with them since when UPS showed it was delivered to NJ, but they haven't been able to locate it yet. They told me not to worry and that they haven't had anything ever get lost. Was just curious if others have required signature when sending them stuff. In the future I probably would, especially if I send them "bigger ticket" items to copy (this was just a shirt). I'm hopeful that things will end up ok, but knowing that there's a delay between...
New Posts  All Forums: