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Some nice neck wear, appears decently priced, shipping is $24. Hope it is of use...
Quote: Originally Posted by bananananana scoopnyc has 50% off all sales stuff Myself & the wife thank you. Merci!
Does anyone know where Dockers D0 fit can be found in the US? I can find it on one UK online store. carries only D1 plus which looks perhaps a bit too big for my tastes? PS If the etiquette is to use the ask a question thread vs the related topic smack me down accordingly.
Woolrich Navy Wool Gamekeeper Blazer I saw it sold out, posted on ask a question thread in case of alternative suppliers, was *almost* going to buy this from yoox to slake my thirst: Then I checked back and it was available in my size with 1 remaining. The Gods are pleased with me today.
I really want to find this in L, any ideas as to other suppliers? I've checked the usual suspects to no avail. Many Thanks < Was amazingly back in stock in with 1 remaining in my size, purchased immediately. It has been a good day>
I have the same issue, when I am typing or gesticulate at work my wrists are always fully exposed. I learned to embrace it as the financial implications of changing 20 shirts is too large. That said I hope others respond on the correct position on sleeve length...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Was that you i saw looking through the KMW? I saw wearing non-tannery clothes (that location is mostly streetwear) go straight for the only good rack of clothes and look for KMWs. If so, sup. If not, some SF looking guy came in as i did looking for similar stuff. Made a bline for the good clothes I was indeed 'targeted' in my approach, checked the rack, did a sweep, confirmed that was where the bargains...
Quote: Originally Posted by mr bunbury There's a couple of these KMW knits on sale for $50 in the Tannery (the old one, downstairs) in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA. I just picked one up. There's also a small selection of s/s stuff from Rag & Bone, Surface 2 Air, CDG Shirt, etc. for *really* low prices. I went, little stuff left, some ACNE. Sadly no KMW left. Cheers for the heads up.
Realising that Jos AB is mid tier at best does anyone know about their cashmere quality? On one hand, fabric is fabric (presuming 100% cashmere) on the other if its very thin & or badly constructed I'd prefer not to bother. Would $180 on 3 cheap Jos cashmere sweaters be worth the trade off of spending that on one wool Smedley for example?
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