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II think he blew out the last time he dined. I,m not sure if it was the case of ale, the dozen chickens or the wafer-thin mint.
Eva Green? Rent "The Dreamer" , hell, buy it. If it were a Video tape, large sections would get wiped out from use.
If you live in the DC region, they have had a warehouse sale once or twice a year at Dulles. When you,re in a store, ask to be put on the list. I,m not a huge Orvis fan but I,ve gotten some decent kit over the years. Braised
II take it you've been watching Hannibal on Thursday evenings.
I just read EG,for the first time about six months ago. Great story, I understand the love for it. As a film however, I think it will work better to compress the time scheme for ender,s recruitment,training, and deployment if for no other reason to conserve on actor revisions across multiple characters. Age change from 9 to 14 can be dramatic and would be visually volatile. I also agree with the poster above that enders,s mature intelligence may not read well on screen...
Rossoz, iif you're out this way, try The French Hound in Middleburg. The chef is a NECI grad, was with the team that opened bouchon in napa, spent time in France as a private chef - he's a total francofile. The food is great, smart updates on bistro classics and some local ideas. Best frites in virginia.Braised
sorry for the delete - I reposted same information.
NOBD - who is the manufacturer of that pot? It looks solid. Braised ->
iNaniwa stones, the chosera line, are among the finest synthetic stones on the planet. they have good feedback.A goal is to arrive at a polished edge with a stone 5000+. I find that the polished edges last longer, tough having less micro-serrations has a different feel.To profile a blade, you should start with a grade I probably don,t sharpen them enough but I use a Sabatier 62 carbon 10 inch chef,s knife as my go to. I find the Japanese knives generally light and the...
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