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That's likely the result of the edge being sharpened with a belt grinder with a coarser grit. The edge can be quite durable and tootlhy. A chen knife sharpened past 1,000 on a water stone looses those marks and becomes mirror polished after around 6,000 or 8,000.
Oh shitski, bad chip?
Yes, but Mizuno is on sale. It's the good stuff:
Charlie Bienlichs in Northbrook on Skokie Blvd. Old school . The sign says that they serve food for the convenience of their bar customers. I think the menu only has shrimp cocktail, burgers and chilli. Never had the chilli. No need. The burger is perfect, no modern flair.
I am the camp cook so use knives daily. In reality, I sharpen four, maybe five times a year. Better steels last longer and I,ve really found a polished edge to last longer than a toothy edge. The 5-10k is prob. overkill but so what. Before the good Japanese knives, I was a Sabatier 62 man and could maintain the soft, elastic carbon steel on a broad French steel I bought at dehillerin in Paris an age ago. Now a mizuno Honyaki gyoto has pride of place for its edge. I still...
A basic principle of sharpening is to keep jumps at or under 3x, meaning that a 1k, 3k,10k works well. This is what I have in the kitchen and the limiting factor is my technique, not the stones. Others advocate smaller steps but I just see inefficiency. At the same point a King 1k/6k stone works but I like the intermediate 3K or so step. I just upgraded stones for the shop and added a 5K into the mix. I havn't used the stone yet but it looks like it has more feedback...
You can buff it out with a mechanical buffer (better), use a paste to polish (barely good) or just let it be (best). The mirror polish is not tenable to maintain, nearly any abrasive necessary to cutting grease and buildup on the copper when washing will dull the finish. Just let it be. The copper is there because it is very conductive, not because it has a shiny gold appearance.
OK - so the show and the book are basically caught up to each other. Now all we have is speculation, so..... John aint "dead", no caracter POV chapter with a "lights out" at the end of it has ended in the character's death, Tyrion at Blackwater being a prime example. As we see Melisandre ride into Castle Black, she has some role to play otherwise no need for the scene. I'm thinking her role is one of two things, resurrect John Snow or get re-inforcements. More on the...
II think he blew out the last time he dined. I,m not sure if it was the case of ale, the dozen chickens or the wafer-thin mint.
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