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How much were the chinos?
Right. A couple of bottle of Equipo Navazos La Bota would be much more attractive idea.
Where'd you end up Romafan?
La Garçonne Pre-Black Friday sale is 30% off sale items with PREBFD30
Hiltons Tent City is my go to usually, but they only discount 10% now. Backcountry might be your best bet with the free 2-day shipping. I took advantage of the backcountry sale this week to buy an Arcteryx jacket. Only place that was discounting the one I was looking for.
I was finally able to pick up a bottle of this here in Brooklyn. Looking forward to dipping into this over the weekend.
Riesling, gamay, or pinot. Sparkling is fun too.
I believe that is what the kids call a basic bitch these days.
FYI - Astor is having a 20% off red wine sale today only. While they do have a good portion of their inventory on the website, I would recommend going to the store. Picked up some Faury St Joe, Texier Brezeme, Souhaut La Souteronne, Broc Carignan, and Sunier Regnie. They have a nice selection of Paolo Bea, Occhipinti, and Oddero currently.
Jorge Pena spent four nights in jail after the brawl, which ​was widely viewed after footage was posted ​to YouTube, before making his $1,000 bail early Tuesday.Someone should have started a kickstarter for his bail.
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