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My wife and I are planning on attending, though not sure how many stops we plan on actually getting to. Mainly interested in a few: Dönnhoff, Lauer, Karthäuserhof, and Clemens Busch. We are also currently on the waiting list for the David Schildnecht seminar at Terroir. If that status changes we might then start with Lauer at Flatiron.You doing either of the dinners?
The full lineup of release parties are listed on Bell's website. I was in Whole Foods Bowery the other day and saw the tasting listed for Monday with Bell's. Spoke with the beer guy there and he mentioned about a half dozen different beers they are expecting either Monday or throughout the week.http://www.bellsbeer.com/events-2/#204Will definitely be checking out WF Brooklyn on Monday at 5 as well as the Strong Place event on Tuesday, as that is a 3 min walk from my apt.
Been on a bit of a Mai Tai jag as I made some orgeat last weekend. Made mine with Smith & Cross and La Favorite. Pining for some warmer weather here in NY.
Here's a great run down for NYC and boroughs. Besides what has already been mentioned check out Astor. CSW gets the lion share of my wine budget, followed by Crush. Both do a great job of tastings and dinners and both have great staff. http://www.drvino.com/newyorkwineshops.php
Here's a couple of true sub-$15 wines that I like: Muscadet by Pepiere (Sevre et Maine Sur Lie, Gras Moutons, Briords) Luneau Papin is good also. Cab Franc - Domaine Guion (Cuvee Domaine, Cuvee Prestige). Cava - Raventos Reserva Gamay - Terres Dorees aka JP Brun (Beaujolais Blanc, L'Ancien, Rose d'Folie (Sparkling) Riesling - Donnhoff Estate Nahe (right at the edge as WS-Pro has a few places at 15 and change.) Other - Gruet Brut Rose.
Is this by Bow and Mt Auburn? Can see what looks like Genzyme and the Doubletree in the background.
I guess it depends on what you are looking for taste-wise and whether you want to go to a bar or retail for bottle or growler fills. There are a ton of options in Brooklyn where I am. Occasionally I will bring back bottles from Whole Foods in Tribeca or Houston. Both have a great selection of bottles and growler fills. Take a look at beermenus.com as it is a good jumping off point.Here's a link with Queens as the location then you can sort places...
I had a bottle of Kiwi Rising a few months ago that was bought at retail. I think it was a few months old when purchased and as a result was "off."
How is the JA - ABCs? I was back in Boston a few weeks ago and stocked up on Hoponius Union, Jabby Brau, Smoke & Dagger, Private Rye, and also grabbed the Framinghammer to bring back with me to NY. The HU is probably my favorite everyday beer.
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