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I just picked up 2 bottles as well over the past few weeks at $30 per, as backup for my half empty bottle that I have had since Spring. It is by far my favorite bourbon on the wheated side. I usually keep Elmer T Lee and 4RSB stocked as well. These 3 cover all I need for Bourbon.
Grapefruit Sculpin is out and about in Brooklyn. Have only seen it in bars, but according to beer it is available at retail.
The picture doesn't do it justice. Online it looked like a nice wool CPO. It wasn't until I was in the W. Broadway store in early November that I realized it was $495 because it was cashmere and the fabric was much more alive. Denny or Jeff told me it was almost sold out at that point and they had sold about a dozen over that weekend. It may have hit the 1st round of sale online in the less popular sizes or popped back up as a return.
I have been kicking around the idea of adding a handful of Zaltos over the past few months after drinking out of various sizes over the past year. The reason I have not bought is my wife and I are still sitting on a large amount of Reidel Vinum stems from our wedding registry. If I didn't have the Reidels I would opt for the Universal as it is great for the majority of wine we drink, including reds and sparkling. I reached out to my one of my friends who has an amazing...
How much were the chinos?
Right. A couple of bottle of Equipo Navazos La Bota would be much more attractive idea.
Where'd you end up Romafan?
La Garçonne Pre-Black Friday sale is 30% off sale items with PREBFD30
Hiltons Tent City is my go to usually, but they only discount 10% now. Backcountry might be your best bet with the free 2-day shipping. I took advantage of the backcountry sale this week to buy an Arcteryx jacket. Only place that was discounting the one I was looking for.
I was finally able to pick up a bottle of this here in Brooklyn. Looking forward to dipping into this over the weekend.
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