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Oversized hoodie SDA 103s NB boots
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart D_D...nice! you got the slimfit G9. is that navy or black? yeah, it's black, size 36....felt like i could have gotten 34.
Baracuta G9 Slim (excuse the crooked collar) Some rakuten turtleneck Sugarcane belt Contest Sam's Redwing 1905
I like the gray one but the fur thing doesn't quite match the casualness the gray is setting. More appropriate in the black color.
Sorry double post.
UA Jacket AA Henley Base Control Gloves April77 Costello Neil Barrett boots
Was at American Rag and saw they were selling some ridiculous Levi's with leather on part of the legs. Marketing them as collectibles at several hundred dollars. I don't know many denimheads that would consider wearing or buying to collect these, so i agree that they just are lost when trying to capture the high end/denimhead market.
gone a couple of days and missed out on alot. Sauce, love the mjk hoodie. Cultpop love the shoes, it makes for an interesting combo with the slim jeans. CMF you look great in that sweater, like how you're hair's coming along too. Rye nice as usual. And Interesting and nice to see females on a men's forum.
Love it kix Vintage Reversible Leather Jacket Vintage Sweater AA t Sugarcane belt Contest Sams VarvatosxConverse
maybe if it was in more subtler colors but then that may defeat the intent of the designer.
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