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official purchase with my winnings: I've been eyeballing these for a year. And with the sale price and prize was too much to resist. Thanks again Brian and styleforum.
Same stuff, different pose.
i vote to keep it. What are you going to call it "Casual Friday and Denim"?
Damn, off the internet for a week and this happens. Thanks to everyone for voting for me.....i am truly touched...sniff. And i am truly lucky to come out on top against such worthy opponents. We're all winners here. And rice is now the official food for styleforum for this week.
they were 200 on sale at Archive in San Francisco.
Sorry, haven't been posting in awhile. And a late congrats to Sauce, best outfits and pics, deadly combo. Derome B April77 Ships PBJ NB boots
just make sure you can button them up easily right now. If not, wear them around a couple of days to stretch them out a bit. Then you can soak and wear damp. They may shrink up to unbuttonable size if you don't stretch them out enough.
Cplus sufu x LW Sugarcane belt Sams Chucks x varvatos
Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell Everything looks great, but you are in San Fran, right?? We had a foot of snow and 35mph winds here in nebraska, and most people weren't dressed as warm as you are Anything under 50 and i'm a popsicle.
Cplus Beanie scarf Inapt pcoat AA Henley April77 Costellos Neil Barrett boots
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