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How much is a lighter slim cut version of the loopwheeler sweater?
What's the fit on those Pure Blues? And are they still selling the Studio D'artisan 103xx ? Great thread by the way. If Ryu from superfuture could join in the discussion, it would be unbelievable.
Nice fit tangerine. What model are those?
Anything slimmer on those Pure Blues? Somewhere more at 2 on the scale.
Quote: Originally Posted by cultpop 0217 and are you wearing those pretty snug or what? awesome. Thanks for all the comments. If you look at this pic, you can see button shaped fading. So yes,these are snug on but not ball crushing snug.
Ok here's the thumbs with working links. The color is darker in real life. Also kinda bummed about the bottoms getting tore up a little, but I never shortened these and they don't drag when I wear shoes. But I don't wear shoes in the house, so they drag there. Due to the scrunching up with shoes, they do have some creases developing there. Trying to decide if I want to hem these shorter eventually.
Ok, will try again in a little bit.
SD103s around six months. Worn almost everyday. One cold soak, 2 washes, no dryer time.
Nice hoody, how much did it set you back?
I actually have a pair of the Varvatos/Converse and they are constructed and padded differently. They are a lot more comfortable and cushy than my regular converse.
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