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rd 1:white rd 2: asian rd 3: halfbreed Makes perfect sense!
Quote: Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife my little secret OMG I use the same thing. Although it isn't as effective as advertising would have you believe.
Sunglasses Jacket tee jeans boots
interesting. It doesn't go through on mine. but it's the same from the outside. But mine is a slimfit G9.
i shall take pics later
just looked at mine and it the vent on the back actually does have openings to the inner of the jacket, so it will do some ventilating. but you can't see the openings from the inside because the lining is covering it. and the vent is batman shaped so it is sewn down on the points but open in between. IF that makes sense.
yes, i was afraid it was going to be tight, but they fit nice and actually are comfortable. May want to check with Brian on the sizing. I normally wear 9 or 9.5. But yes they are nice.
Derome EG herringbone Turtleneck Contest NDC Basils
Quote: Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife ddml's sams; saucemaster's modified ralfs; dasman's kmw Can i vote for you as the next winner now?
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